13 February 2011

Hello Sunday

Not sure what I'm going to write about, but it's been a while, except for my very short post the other day, since I've really written anything of note. Here goes...

I finished up a busy Saturday at the salon and headed to "my" Borders. What will I do if/when Borders closes? I can only hope they don't close all their stores because I need my Borders. I met my sister Ilene at my favorite Saturday restaurant, Jalepenos. We split 4 tapas and each one was delicious. There are many, many more tapas left to try before I work my way through the menu. We sat at the same cozy corner table Kit and I sat at the first time I was there. I think it's the best seat in the bar area. It was nice to have some one-on-one time with Ilene.

This past Thursday, my siblings, along with my SIL, sat down to dinner at my brother's house to talk about our parents. I was pretty nervous about how that would unfold, as I knew there would be controversy. We need to figure out what to do about my parent's care. My mother is such a fall risk. She needs help; more help than she has with her wonderful aide/companion Amanda. My father needs some help. Assisted living? Live-in help (including Amanda) to age in place? What can they afford? What happens when the money runs out? These are some of the questions. My older sister started the conversation. She had spent a lot of time thinking and planning what she wanted to say. She didn't have all the answers, but had well-thought out ideas. Next was my turn. I really didn't want to say much. I wanted to mostly listen and go along with whatever the majority opinion was. I wanted to say 'ditto to what Ilene said.' I feel like I've done so much and have placed such a heavy burden on myself, yet have gotten no closer to a solution. Just when I was getting started, the financial adviser that Lisa and I use showed up to talk to us about our parent's finances and give advice. We planned on his being there, but much earlier. By the time he was finished, we were feeling much better about a possible course of action, but were tired and ready to go home. We're meeting later today to continue the conversation. I'm so thankful that my siblings and I are working together on this. I know how lucky we are. I'm so glad I have long-term care insurance. I hope I never have to use it.

I'm going to look for a Crock-Pot recipe, then watch something recorded on my DVR. I don't have to be in a rush to be up and out, right? Right.

Happy Sunday!


Marsha said...

I just wanted you to know that I follow your blog and it often lifts my spirits. I found you through 4th Ave. I am your visitor from Warren, Ohio. I have a blog, but sadly, I am not very active on it, although I stop by my blog once in a while to check on it. I need to get myself dedicated to blogging, or get off the blog, I guess. For now, I enjoy following. Take care. Know that you make a difference in lives you may never get to know as well as though you do.

Cheryl said...

Thank you Marsha from Ohio. Your comment really meant a lot to me! I always wonder who my visitors are when I see where they're from. I love to blog, when the spirit moves me, or the coffee :)) I'll look for a post from you!

Jamie said...

Good morning Cheryl! Ugh..another Monday, but for you it's still the weekend, right?

You are lucky to have the cooperation of all the siblings in your family. It certainly can be a minefield though...I know you will handle it with perfect grace, as always. Hang in.

I want your sisters hair cut. Exactly the way it is in the picture in the previous post. Is there a place to find it online so that I can print it to show to my stylist?

Oh, and your sis and mom look so much alike. Your mom looks good, considering all that she has been through, the poor woman.

Happy Monday! :)

KathyA said...

I think it's wonderful that you and your sibs are working together on this. I know that you'll find an answer, Cheryl.

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