06 February 2011

Long post; lots of coffee

It's been another full day. I guess they all are. I think I'd be depressed if they weren't. As much as I say I'd like down time, I'm better busy. If I could ever 'get into' one of the many books I have waiting for me, I'd want that quiet time.

I was up and running this morning. I made a terayaki marinade and put it and a skirt steak in a Ziplock bag to, well, marinate. I met my friend Kit at Caribou Coffee at 8:30. After a few hours together I left and drove the short distance to the rehab center to visit my parents. My mom's hair was so overgrown and I'd told her I wouldn't visit without my scissors. I spread a sheet on the floor and transformed her to the mom I know. Well, the mom with the big bruise. She looked so much better afterward.

Here's the before...wild woman!

Looking much better after her haircut!

This wasn't the first time I've done my mom's hair in a rehab center. I cut and colored her hair after her stroke 10 1/2 years ago. She was probably the only patient to have her color done in the bathroom, and showered off in a wheelchair. She was in bad shape, but still cared about her looks.

I left both parents hanging out in the 'bird' room. There were so many people crowded in the room, all in wheelchairs, that I had to wait for someone to leave to fit my mom in. I took these pictures a few days ago. There's at least 20 finches in the cage, including babies that were born two weeks ago. Everyone loves this room.

I went grocery shopping next. Mistake on Super Bowl Sunday! It was crazy busy with the check-out lines snaking down the aisles. I had my list on my phone. I had my coupons loaded on my phone too! I found most of what was on my list and got lucky in finding a short line.

I came home to a nice surprise...Emily had stripped my bed and washed my sheets. This was a first and I was SO pleased. I started my own long-overdue laundry and did some chores around the house. I put a batch of brownies in the oven. Emily called me outside to see a flock of seagulls devouring some stale popcorn I'd spilled out on the curb. Seagulls in suburbia! Next time I'll remember to hold my phone horizontally when taking a video.

I know this is long. Sometimes I have a lot to write about. I made a great dinner. I grilled the skirt steak and used the meat to make awesome quesadillas (if I must say so myself).

I've been watching the Super Bowl commercials. And the halftime show with the Black Eyed Peas was about the best I've ever seen.

Enough? I'd say so!


happyone said...

Your moms face is looks a lot better, especially with that nice hair cut!
Emily washed your sheets? Wow, that is nice. No one has ever ever washed my sheets!!

KathyA said...

Great job on your mom's hair!

What a nice surprise from Emily!!

I expected the Giant to be a madhouse, but it really wasn't.

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