01 February 2011

Not much to say on this first day of February, but I don't want to break my blogging streak. I might though. Warning. Boring post ahead. If I remember correctly, February isn't one of my favorite months. It's just kind of blah. The holidays are over. The weather is dreary and gray. The fact that time flies is good because before we know it, Glorious Spring will be here. There's a lot to like about that season. Winter? Not so much.

I sure hope I come up with something better to say tomorrow. Don't you?


happyone said...

So glad the ice and snow missed us. I'm just waiting for the rain to stop before walking! Sun and 50 this afternoon should make you smile! :-)

KathyA said...

Just good hearing from you. Short and sweet is great!

Leann said...

Big post, small post, blah post, who cares as long as you stop and say hey! I don't like February either. It holds a holiday that I tend to spend alone and by this time of year I'm so blessed tired of being cold I want to migrate to the Caribbean....or.....Hawaii.....or Barbados.....you see the theme here?

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