02 February 2011

I wish all days were like today

I really should start my blogging earlier in the day or the night. I had a bunch to say, but now I'm too tired. It was a very full day. I prepared the ingredients for Emily to make quesadillas for dinner before I went to work, and fit in a trip to Walmart too. It was a great day at the salon. I had two new clients and both walked out looking SO much better than when they came in. They were so happy and I was so happy. I'd love to have two new clients just like them every day! I went to Starbucks after work while waiting for Rob. I had a regular coffee...something I'd gotten out of the habit of drinking, going for the lattes instead. I really enjoyed the cuppa and it's sure a lot less expensive. I'm going to try to save my lattes for my special Saturdays at Borders. I met Rob at, where else, Pei Wei. We both had the new Korean BBQ. It was the first dish I didn't love. Rob had the same thing and loved it. We came home and watched 'our show', Human Target. Then, The Good Wife. And here I am, getting in a little blogging before bed. I love staying up late when I'm off the next day. I just wish that meant I could sleep in. My body isn't into that. Nor is my mind. That said, it's turning-in time.


Leann said...

I wish I were close enough to have you do my hair. for some reason it seems to be beyond difficult to cut *shrug*

Hope you had an awesome sleep and enjoy the day!

KathyA said...

My neighbor LOVES her hair cut!!
I'll see you this afternoon.

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