17 February 2011

Spring is in the air!

I left my laptop at my parent's house. I feel lost without it but I'm mostly glad it wasn't lost. I searched high and low and then I called my dad. He said, yeah, it's here. I'll do without until the weekend. I can do that. I'm using Emily's laptop now.

I was off today so you know how busy I was. I had a free breakfast at Chick fil a on my way to see my dad. Free on Thursdays thru February! I actually had a great day with my dad. My mom is the one who gets all the attention. Not my dad. He really enjoyed having me there. We talked about all the things we (siblings) want to clean out and get rid of. He's very agreeable with me. I only had about 5 minutes with my mom at the rehab center. It was pretty funny. I had to park in a doctor's spot because that was all I could find. My mom was lying in bed in the dark. I said, it's too nice to be inside. I got her in her wheelchair and wheeled her outside to the courtyard. I said, I have to run... Emily has a doctor's appointment. I told the nurses where she was, then I was out the door. She called about an hour later to say she had to use the bathroom. I had to call the nurses station to go and get her. She loved her hour outside.

I was SO happy to get a pedicure today with my favorite nail tech. Me time! I'm wearing sandals tomorrow 'cause it feels like spring. My feet want out!

La de da!


Forsythia said...

It WAS a gorgeous day yesterday. My nails want out, too. I'm so glad that flip-flop weather has returned, even if it is just temporary. Flip-flops are better than socks and boots when you've just had a pedicure. Although I squirm and fidget when they're scrubbing and trimming (ticklish), I love the pampering and the results.

KathyA said...

I had a pedicure this week, too! Put on a spring shade to encourage the warmer weather!! :)

You had to call them to go and get your mom??? That's awful!

happyone said...

I am enjoying this little break from winter.
I'll see you tomorrow morning at 9:00. :-)
I'm going to bring cookies for you all.

Leann said...

What a pretty shade on those toes :-)

I'm glad you had a good visit with both parents, no matter how short it turned out to be :-)

Thanks so much for your support. I truly believe this is the best course of action. *hugs*

C.A. said...

You have inspired me to go get my toes done today. So glad you are my friend, Cheryl! :

Big Hugs.....


Seth M. Ward said...

wow, you had to call them? That is sad. I am sure she enjoyed her time but you would think they would have checked on her.....

Glad you're doing good and your parents too.

Lena said...

I am off this week. I think I will go for a pedicure inspired by La De Da! We had a couple of days of spring like weather, but yesterday was so cold and very, very windy!

We had the Salvation Army come and pick up tons of stuff from my parents' house yesterday. We did good team work getting it all together!

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