27 February 2011

Talking to myself

Thoughts on a Sunday morning...

I spend my work days talking. Literally. I talk all day long to people that I know. I could never work in a salon that had a steady stream of walk-in clients. What would I talk to them about? The weather? Their favorite shows? There's only so much you can talk to a stranger about, unless they're really chatty. I develop relationships with my clients that go beyond performing a service on their hair. I know about their lives, and they share in mine. We have a history. I've worked in the same salon for almost 24 years. I've worked in the same city for almost 28. I'm growing "older" with a lot of my clients, and we're kind of like family, without any of the drama. I do a lot of new clients, and have new relationships with them. My clients are really important to my life. They make it bigger. I have an easy rapport with most of them. I think they look forward to 1. Getting their hair done so they look better and feel better. 2. Spending time with me! I'm not being egotistical, I'm just saying being in my chair is a reprieve from the stress of their multi-tasking lives and a time when all of my attention is spent on them. Plus I'm always nice (insert smiley face).

Which brings me to my second subject. When I'm not at work, I hardly talk. (Unless it's to myself!) I'm alone a lot. I like the quiet, and it's probably because I talk so much at work. I don't like to talk on the phone, which is hard because I have to do it. And I'm never lonely. Maybe because I spend my working hours surrounded by people? Whatever the reason, I sure am glad and I know I'm lucky.

I have to finish this up and go to my parent's. A major clean-out is going on there. Emily and Phil were 'hired' to do the manual labor. They worked Friday night and all day yesterday. I was so glad to hear how hard they've been working. I was also glad to hear how much everyone likes Phil. I haven't mentioned this, but he's living at my house. Surprise! Not living with Emily...he has his own room. I'm now the parents of two kids, but that's another story. They have another full day of work again today and I'll be there with them.

Well, it's time for me to go over and do my part. It's going to be a talking day.


Josie Two Shoes said...

I am this way too Cheryl, there is so much talking going on at work, and in my case ten phone lines ringing and intercoms blaring, that I find being home a blessed relief from talk and noise. I don't like phone visiting either, much prefering text or email. I am never bored alone, I love time to myself and wish I had more of it. Thankfully, John feels the same way and when we're home we are mostly relaxing together, not a lot of commotion. It's peaceful!
Will be interesting to read Phil's story. He couldn't have been chosen for TLC by a nicer mom! :-)

Lena said...

I have the opposite work situation. Now I am spending lots of alone time in my car, not talking to anyone until I make my stops and then it is short and sweet. I eat lunch alone.

I find it very lonely. I am very talkative when I get home.

Phil is lucky to have your support.

KathyA said...

Obviously I need to get my hair done to catch up on the Phil thing!!!! WHEN DID THAT HAPPEN???

Was in the salon on Friday, but you were really busy. I'll try to see you next week so I can go root-free to San Diego.

Thanks for the shout-out to Rick about CQI.

What a neat thing Phil and Emily are doing for you and your sibs!! And I bet your parents really like having them there.

happyone said...

I spend a lot of time alone too and don't mind at all.
I love having you do my hair. If not for you I would be coloring my hair myself and Ken would still be trimming my hair.

Leann said...

I hope you had a wonderful day.
Taking in another mom's child has many emotional facets to it. I've been there several times. Kudos to you for the love and giving.

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