19 May 2014

A day in the life...

I just got home from my first yoga class. It was both harder than I imagined and more rewarding. I've wanted to do yoga for years. I thought it had so much to do with balance, which I don't have. Yet. I didn't realize the spiritually of it. Yoga is included in my gym membership. I'll be able to go twice a week, unless my dance card gets filled. Summer is a busy time for me, so it's hard to commit. Time will tell what I'll do. I'll go again Wednesday night for sure.

I went to the National Arboretum today. Prior to last year, I had never been. I was amazed when I went last year. The rhododendroms and azaleas were in full bloom as were the dogwoods. I went three weeks in a row. Today? Everything was way past peak. It was still wonderful to be there. I'll just have to remember to go earlier next year. My friend Kathy from Kathy's Peace went with me and she was a great companion. She treated me to a Blizzard at DQ on the way home.

I seem to have a problem with losing glasses. I hate to admit it but it's true. Two years ago I lost my progressive lens glasses at the beach. They had to have fallen out of my cover-up pocket when I squatted to take a picture. They were in a case. Now I've lost not one but two pairs of Ray Ban progressive lens sunglasses. I lost my newest pair a week ago Sunday. I looked for them on Monday. They were on top of my head when I ate dinner. My waiter remembered seeing them. They were on top of my head at the concert I went to next door. My friend remembered seeing them. I walked back to the house stopping for ice cream at Kilwins. They weren't there. I retraced all my steps. No luck. Today, a week later, I decided to stop into every store on Main St and West St, just in case someone found them on the sidewalk and turned them in. I couldn't give up until I exhausted all the possibilities. My quest was not for naught. Oh, I didn't find my sunglasses. I did get to go into every store and bar and restaurant and talk to people and see things that I normally wouldn't. And it was a beautiful day. And I was happy despite my loss. Too bad there's no such thing as inexpensive progressive lenses. I really miss those glasses. 

Tomorrow I'll be biking and taking my mom out. Maybe I'll write again too. 



happyone said...

Sounds like a nice day out with Kathy. : )

Lena said...

I will say a prayer to St. Anthony for you to help you find your glasses. It always works for me! I admire your stamina to try to find them! Good Luck!

Jamie said...

I hate losing things. Seriously. I almost never do it. But when I do --- I lose something really important. Great to see you here again, friend. Hugs.

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