23 May 2014

Still sniffling

Not much to write about tonight but thought I'd make an attempt since this really is my diary. Of sorts. The day started with a 2 mile walk with Sparky and my audiobook. I'm not really loving the series. Yesterday I said I would finish it to follow-through. Life is short and there's so many books out there that I might change my mind. It's one thing to finish a book that you're not crazy about and another to read a series. 

I had been watching Breaking Bad with Peter, but that's over, so I might watch the next episode by myself tonight. Prior to starting the show, I'd seen one episode, the next to the last one, with my friend Happyone and her husband. I didn't see how anyone could watch it! Little did I know how good it was and how hooked I would get. 

It was a busy day at work and I sneezed and sniffled through the day. How can your nose be clogged and drip at the same time? I hope I feel better tomorrow. After work I'm going to DC with my brother and his girlfriend to Union Market. If you feel inclined, Google unionmarketdc.com. It's a very cool place. My Georgia sister Ilene read about it a few years ago in Southern Living. I've been there 4 times. She hasn't.

I just got back from a short walk with the dog. One good thing about having a dog and not a fence is that you have to walk. I'm sure there are other good things about having this dog too. If he didn't bark so much I'm sure I'd list them.

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Forsythia said...

re: Breaking Bad. An acquaintance said she couldn't wait to see more episodes. Saw her first while visiting brother in FL. "Why is he showing me this stupid show about two guys with an RV out in the desert in their underwear?" Then she got hooked. We're hooked too. Unbelievably good.

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