22 May 2014


You know when you know that a cold is imminent? It started last night with a feeling in my throat. Tonight, it's full-blown. What an inconvenient time of year to be sick! I'm going on a kayaking trip this Sunday and I need to feel well. Enough. I know I will. The kayak rental is $55 and it's not refundable. And it's going to be so much fun. 

I had to drive my daughter to work this morning because her car was towed to a repair shop last night. Why? Because I helped her 'find' the dipstick for the engine oil except I picked the one for the transmission fluid. It was the first dipstick I saw and I didn't look any further. We didn't realize our (my) mistake until I saw the oil pooling on my driveway. She moved her car to the street so I could clean up. Then we looked at the engine and saw the big old cap for the oil and the oil dipstick. We quickly looked at the owners manual and realized where we poured the oil. My daughter and I posted about it on Facebook and took the advice we got: have the car towed and the transmission flushed. $200 later, plus an oil change, and the car is good. It was a costly mistake. I was glad to hear from the mechanic that it happens. I guess it's been a long time since I've had to check my oil? I'll never repeat that mistake!

I went to my second yoga class last night. It was harder than the first, but probably because I was sore from Monday's class. I still loved it and really like the instructor. I installed Pocket Yoga on my iPad about a year ago...I think I might finally use it to supplement the classes. One of my clients told me about the app and at the time I had good intentions but no follow-through.

I've really stepped up my walking. It's great that it gets dark late so I can walk twice a day. I've been listening to a science fiction series on Audible on my iPhone while I walk (I listen to it other times too). It's not a genre I normally listen to, and there's 5 books in this series. I'm on book 2. I think I'll listen to them all just to explore a world I know nothing about, and just because I'd like to follow-through.

I'm feeling pretty miserable so I think I'll lay this body down. Later!


KathyA said...

Whoa, that was quick! I hope you feel better soon!

happyone said...

Sure hope you feel better soon. A cold is no fun.

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