24 May 2014


If Sparky didn't bark whenever he wanted for extended periods of time, I'd like him a lot. He needs a few weeks away with a trainer. Grrr. His favorite place to bark is in front of a living room window. Right now I have him tied up to the coffee table in the family room. He's not happy. But he's not barking. As much. Had he been my dog, I would have taken him to obedience school as a puppy. He didn't live here then. Note: I unleashed him from the coffee table. He immmediately ran to the living room window and started barking. He wouldn't follow any of my commands to go in his crate. If Sparky didn't bark all the time, I'd like him a lot. It's a good thing he's cute and likes to walk. When his buddy Caylib used to visit, he was mostly well-behaved. I don't plan on getting him a companion.

Work was a bear today. I had to do corrective color on one of my clients. Squeeze her in. I highlighted her hair yesterday. I use the same 4 colors every time. This time one of the colors turned out primary color red. Luckily there weren't that many streaks of that color. When we saw the color we knew it was red. I told her it would fade (it will) and that she could tell others she decided to get some pops of color. Right :-)? Today she texted asking if I could squeeze her in to fix it. I did. It was a multi-step, very-stressful correction. I got very good advice from one of my co-workers, and her formula fixed it. It was wonderful to get off of work and head to Starbucks. I got an Americano with an extra shot to go. I needed it!

My brother, his girlfriend and I went to Union Market. They loved it. Yay! We split food from a couple of places, had a beer and dessert.

I need to get ready for bed. My kayak trip is in the morning!

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