02 June 2008

...and another weekend comes to a close. I can say that today since Mondays are a part of a hairdresser's weekend. I have to catch myself from asking Tuesday clients how their weekend was. They look at me a little strange.

Em and I went to a friend's house for dinner on Saturday. I love being with them, and we all hang out as a group. My ex used to work with Cathi's husband, and we had our first kids together. Well, my only. When I got home, I read. I think I'll switch to a new paragraph for that.

I finished the last part of The Green Mile today. Whoa...what a great book. I'm so glad I had all six parts and didn't have to wait for each segment to be published. Great book, Stephen King. I'm going to look for the movie. My sister said she's watched it at least 5 times.

I really didn't do any work this weekend, or today. I woke up this morning not knowing how to fill my day. My mother's aide and cleaning lady were coming, so that was out. I was out of coffee, and tried to decide if I should just go to Dunkin Donuts up the street, or drive to Panera's. I decided to go to the Panera's by Annapolis Mall so I could shop at Marshall's afterwards. Then I thought that maybe today would be the day I'd buy an iPhone, because I've been toying with the idea for a while. I put the cash for that in my front pocket in case I decided to buy it. I remember thinking that it was uncomfortable having it there when I got into my car, but that it was a safe place. I think I pulled it up a little in the pocket. Then I decided the shoes I had on weren't comfortable, plus I forgot to take my meds, so I ran in the house to take care of that. I got back in my car and drove to Panera's, set up my laptop, and got in line. I felt in my pocket, and, no money. Panic. I searched through my purse. I was almost to the front of the line, so I ordered and paid for my coffee, then ran out to my car while they fixed it. No money. Not under the car. Not in the parking lot. Not by my table. I got my coffee, then went out to the car again. Nothing. I just hoped the money was at home, but it put a damper on my day. I was able to read posts at Panera's, but I couldn't comment. I kept getting the 'google server not found' message. (BTW, did you read Pioneer Woman's potato recipe today? Yum!) I wasn't having much fun at my coffee shop, so I didn't stick around too long. I think I went through my uncluttered purse at least 10 times while I was there. I went to a few shops, then headed home. I've searched everywhere for that folded-up wad of money, to no avail. I called Panera's on the off chance, but no luck. I can't help but think it's somewhere, but I can't imagine where else it could be. I'm sick about it, but just have to let it go.

Anyhow, I got a few hours in on the hammock, reading. So, so nice. Our time of humidity-free days are limited. I feel so fortunate I've been off of work on so many of the great ones.

Well, time to put this day to rest. Maybe tomorrow will be a lucky one for me.


marykay said...

I hate when I can't find something hopefully it will show up. I did see the potato recipe and I wanted to make it asap. It is quite dry here but, already 100 degrees. Hours reading, when I pick up a book I fall asleep.

Golden To Silver Val said...

OMG how I hate losing things....especially money!! It drives me crazy when I can't find something...although I will have to admit most of the time I've just set it down and forgotten where. I certainly hope that's the case with you. Did you look all around the area where you keep your meds? I'm sure you have. But remember this (cause its happened to me so much) ... when you're looking, you're in panic mode because you're upset and I've missed stuff before because of that. So retrace your steps and look again...only try and keep calm. I am hoping that you find it...losing money is awful. Good Luck.
p.s. I'm so glad you enjoyed the book and the movie follows it almost exact...its very good.

Jay said...

That really sucks about the money. Hopefully it will turn up. Have you looked under the car seats? Maybe it fell out inside the car somehow?

Anonymous said...

Oh man...I'm crossing my fingers that it turns up for you.

SOUL said...

ooooh maan... nuthin like losin money. it has to be somewhere. i bet it's at home. did you change pants? did you go to the bathroom? did you check the bathroom floor? closet floor? or wherever you changed shoes-- or where you took your meds?
between your carseat and the door--or the other side of the carseat? under the carseat?

you know, i am always losing stuff.. i second guess myself-- and question people all the time.. only to find that it was me who misplaced whatever it was that is "missing". maybe it did slip out of your pocket-- but could you have put it somewhere when you changed shoes?
OR-- sometimes money creeps waaay up into the corner of the pocket too. did ya check there?

ok , i'm done guessin.. i just hope it turns up. i'm sure it was no small chunk -a - change.

hoping today is more lucky for ya-

captain corky said...

The Green Mile was a pretty good movie. I like Shawshank a little better, but both are worth watching over and over.

C.A. said...

Oh, Cheryl. I'm so sorry about the money for the I Phone. :( I've had that happen to me before and it just leaves you with such a sick feeling.

I'm hoping it's going to turn up somewhere you least expect it to.



CRUSTY MOM-E said...

Hi Cheryl,
That Google server thing was affecting me as well, it was very annoying!
I came over here to tell you that I had Panera's for the FIRST TIME I THINK IN YEARS last night-their basic classic salad..but theN i read that you misplaced your money.

Oh my that is the worst feeling ever..especially when you worked so hard to earn it. I hope you'll find it hidden near your shoes or perhaps near your medicine cabinet or tucked somewhere under the seat of your car...if you do find it maybe it's someones way of saying, HOLD ONTO IT and WAIT TO BUY THE IPHONE. :) I do though hope you find it. I can't believe how calm you seemed (in the post) I'd be bitching and crying and just sick to death over it. I'm sorry your sunday turned out to be a BMS..those are the worst.
Here's to a better Tuesday and something Good happening to you today!!


Happyone said...

I sure hope you find your money. You have done this before. Maybe you shouldn't be it in your pocket any more.
That makes me sound like your mother doesn't it? :-)

I knew you would like The Green Mile. You can't put it down once you pick it up.
I'm reading Duma Key now.

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