27 October 2008


I got tired of my profile picture. It's not summer-like outside anymore, although what do I pick out but a summer picture? OK. That doesn't make sense.

I was out of the house early and off to the pool. Someone stole my lane. She was walking just ahead of me and passed the lane just as I was stopping there. She backtracked, then asked if we could share. I said I'd go to the other side of the pool and she thanked me. But I really wanted my lane. My shoulder hurt pretty much the whole time I swam, but it wasn't too bad. The pool is 82 degrees, which is nice and comfortable. I've noticed that I'm the only one to put on make-up while I'm in the locker room, and to use a blow dryer. It takes me a half hour to shower and get out of there. I have my routine. The ladies in the locker room are all very friendly.

I went to my sister's office afterward for a flu shot in the arm that didn't hurt. The shot hurt and I was wimpy. Then I forgot all about it.

The counseling session was intense. And confrontational, but not between her and me. Tracy is fantastic, and I feel a real bond with her. And there was a situation in school today. And then one at home. And 'you know who' is staying at her father's for a few days. And I'm dealing.

I went to my parent's for a visit after counseling. I was going to cut my mother's hair, but just wasn't in the mood. She was fine with that. I went to return something to a store in her neighborhood and couldn't find my credit card. Luckily it was in a jacket pocket at home. I was so glad I didn't have to cancel it and go through that bother.

It's cold and rainy here. In the 40's. Brrr. I've been using the little space heater I just bought for Emily. It's fantastic, and I think I'll buy one for me and just keep the rest of the house cold. It warms up your immediate area in a flash.

It's almost 9:00. I think it's time for bed and book. G'night. Remember to smile.


happyone said...

Sorry to hear that your day didn't turn out all that great. It sure is hard having teenagers!!
Hopefully things will be better tomorrow. Maybe some time apart will be good.
Hang in there friend.
See you soon.

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I really admire the way you try to stay upbeat and positive. I hope you enjoy your reading in bed time.

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

I'm sorry Cheryl, I really am. You are a good person and are only trying to do what you feel is best to set the right stones for the path that will be taken,.you're not enabling and you're not giving in making life seem like it's a hands out world..

now I know what i put my mom and dad through, and I know you'll be good to go with the relationship someday--I just feel it.. :)

Now, to get through this gak!

Come to Chicago! Bring Bon! We'll meet in the city for some dining and coffee!!! :)


Your strength is admirable!

heiresschild said...

a couple of years ago, i posted a blog pic of me in CA at the beach. it did seem silly to have it up when winter arrived. one of these days, i'll put a new one up again.

i remember the days of daughterhood. now she has her own daughters. hahahahaha! life is good!

Martha said...

Honestly, a book and bed sounds heavenly right now. I should be getting my lecture notes ready for tomorrow, but I'm tired. Comfy blankets, here I come!

Moohaa said...

I like your new picture! It brings about feelings of relaxation, which I'm sure you could use.

I'm sorry things didn't go well today. I am glad, though, that your new counselor is good. That's a huge plus.

I love space heaters. They work fast and that's what matters.

Big hugs!

Summer said...

Talking about your blog picture reminds me of a woman I worked with years ago. She changed her curtains with the seasons. All I could think of at the time was ... more work to do. Anyway, let your picture represent who you are.

I'm so glad you're in counseling.

C.A. said...

If I could stretch my arms that far, I'd be hugging you now. Please know I am thinking of you, my friend, and that I would have given you a flu shot that DIDNT hurt!




Brad said...

I say keep the summer picture up. It'll be cold and nasty outside so why not remember the sunshine?

I'm hoping the Ex is "getting with the program" and not making things more difficult. You've remeinded me to call my mother and apologise just for the general principle of it.

Useless factoid: We have the same couch. I was looking at the pic of Em & friends again and it's the same color & style, great minds and all that.


Neponset River Bridge Dig said...

I like your Summer picture, it reminds me of...summer.

Hope things work out. It's not easy being a parent.

fiwa said...

Hang in there, sweet lady. I'm thinking sweet Jelly Bean thoughts at you.

I love the summer picture - I like the attitude it represents.

love & hugs,

Gin said...

I've seen so many people at the Y since I started swimming,it's unreal! I was in the hot tub with 3 ladies I graduated from high school with and we had such a nice visit! And I have run into lots of other people I know too. It's great.

The only reason I blow dry my hair and put makeup on is if I have someplace (besides home) I'm going to after I swim. Otherwise, I wait until I get home to my own dryer and I put on my makeup at home. The dryers there are terrible and take forever!

I still need a flu shot! They were out at my doc's the other day when I went in for one.

Mary said...

I've gotten behind in the blog world. I'm catching up slowly but surely.

I'm sorry you are having to deal with conflict and I admire the way you are able to keep a positive outlook. I'm also happy that you have someone that you've bonded with to help you through the rough times. Counseling is a very good thing when you find the right counselor.

I'm sending you a big hug and lots of wishes for happy times in your life.

Anonymous said...

I'm all for having out of season photos up, it just reminds you of what's coming. (I've had my IM pic with a Santa hat on all year)

Sounds like you are dealing with the situation the best way possible. As they say "parenting aint for wimps"

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