30 October 2008

A great day

Finally. A great day from start to finish. Hallelujah and it's about time! I got an early start for the aquatic center. Swam, swam, swam. Then I went to Queen's Ink to meet Bonnie and Karen for our stamping class. It was intense! It's amazing to see what can be done with a stamp, some ink, watercolors, glitter and decorative paper. We worked hard! The class was supposed to be 3 hours, but I stayed for over 5! I know what my Christmas cards are going to be. Yeah!!!! Here's a picture of the three of us. Of course I think I look bad in in, but I'll post it anyway. I guess it's not fair to only show the most flattering pictures of oneself. On second thought, I looked at the picture again and it's a 'no way!' Here's one I like:

My night with Emily was good! We ate dinner together. I asked her if she'd watch Fringe with me. I've been recording all the episodes but haven't watched any of them and my DVR is filling up. We watched the pilot and the next episode. What an amazingly intense show! We loved it! We sat on the couch together with our blankies. It was like the old days. It might have been for just one night, but it was a much needed reprieve from the status quo.

Tomorrow's Halloween. I'm working late, so I'll miss out on all the trick-or-treaters for the first time ever. I should have switched my schedule. Some people from work will dress up. I've considered it, but I doubt I'll do it. Unless I wear some type of athletic outfit, like a warm-up suit. That might be a maybe.

I haven't had time to read any blogs today, and I'm only going to look at Soul and Jamie's now, or I'll be sucked in for the count and it's already my bedtime. I'll catch up with you soon.

Hope you found some great in your day too!


Moohaa said...

That was a great pic! I'm so glad you found peace and joy in your day. Those days are great ones.
I had a great day too. Today was Alex's birthday and we got to play and shop and have cake.


Summer said...

I think I'd like to take that class. I remember once that my mother made my grandmother a card for her birthday and my grandmother's response after opening it was, "Didn't you have enough money to BUY me one?" Haha.

happyone said...

Wow you stayed 5 hours! I was all stamped out after 3 and a half. :-) It was fun and I'm glad we went.
Glad you had a good evening with Emily!!
I'm usually out walking now, but decided to wait until the sun comes out.
Have a great Friday!

KathyA said...

A good day!!! And topped off with a pleasant night with The Divine Miss Em! I'm happy for you. Kath

Jamie said...

I would love to be the kind that can do stuff like stamping, but there is not one creative bone in my body. Not one. But I am certain that your cards will be beautiful, because that is just the way you are, and the way you do things.

I love that you had a happy day. These bad days will pass. Promise.

Love ya girl.


Rick Rockhill said...

looks like fun cheryl. you are so creative.

Hope you have a Happy Halloween!

Mary said...

It really was a fun day for you. Like Jamie, I wish I had more creative talent. I tried stamping but everything I did looked really bad.

I know you've been having a bad time dealing with Em, but they will pass. Soon every day will be as good as yesterday.

Lena said...

It was great to hear that you and Em were watching a good show with your blankies. She is still your little girl.

Mo said...

So happy you had a great day. You deserve it!

Lookie at all that crafty goodness. I completely understand about being there for five hours.

Can't wait to see what your design is for Christmas. I think I have settled on mine. Simple. Quick. Easy. And yes, to be mailed on time ;)

Mo said...

Oh and Fringe. It totally has me hooked. Dang networks for coming up with a new show I can get lost in.

Brad said...

Did you notice the word above your head in that picture? 'Indulge' That stamping store has great marketing.

KathyA said...

I didn't know you can't wear sneakers unless preggers or in costume!!!

heiresschild said...

the class sounds really interesting.

i watched the pilot of Fringe and loved it, but it comes on the same time as something else i watch, so maybe i can catch re-runs. i'm trying not to do a lot of taping this year, and so far so good--Heroes is the only show i'm taping.

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