23 October 2008

A quickie post

It's a day off, and I'll be especially busy. I'm getting ready to get ready for the aquatic center. I have an 11:15 counseling appointment. I'm meeting a handyman at my house at 1:15. I'll be at Emily's away playoff game at 3:30. I'll probably spend 2 1/2 hours driving to and fro. At least gas prices are down. I just paid $2.61/gallon. Seemed like a bargain.

Happy Thursday :)))


marykay said...

You are a busy lady, even on your day off your running. Have a great Thursday and good luck to Emily!

Brad said...

Gooooooo! Em's team!!!

$2.61 IS a bargin - still above $3 out here.

Luvs ya!

fiwa said...

Wow, I can't get over how much lower your gas is than ours!

I hope you enjoy your busy day.

heiresschild said...

you had a very productive day.

great bargain on the gas. my friend just paid $2.69/gal and said she spent $41 to fill her tank vs $60, which she'd been spending.

captain corky said...

Busy day! I bet you got a good night sleep. I wound up paying 27 dollars for a tank of gas this morning. It was awesome.

KathyA said...

So how did Em's team do?
Yesterday I worked out at the AC and then went to Trader Joe's for guacamole and Druid circles (the best oatmeal cookies I've ever had)(has anyone ever had their peanut butter/chocolate chunk cookies??? They're addictive) and to Costco for gas (2.48 for regular and 2.63 for premium!!!)

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