20 October 2008

A picture post

Thought I'd put up some pictures from yesterday's walk around the neighborhood. It was fun playing photographer with my new camera.

This dead tree has been around for years. I love it

Peeps in the pond

A resting spot

'Our' dismal swamp

Heavy with pinecones

Hammock holder

Emily's old under-the-deck swings

Fire ring

View from the backyard

The weeds that are taking over my lawn

The last of the lilies

Why I'll plant lots of Lantana next year

At the end of my walk


CRUSTY MOM-E said...

you are too precious! Promise me that for as long as you live there you'll never take down those swings..theres'something so beautiful and precious and together about them..I see the two of you having many conversations, building many memories (not just from yesterday but from the tomorrows) for ever and ever until one day she is a mother.

I like the swamp pic, it needs some fall colors, but if I were a painter I'd paint that---

Cute shoes! :)
you're adorable..start and finish!

Mo said...

Love this. Thanks so much for sharing.

I love the peeps in the pond description the best for some reason.

My favorite picture? I think it has to be your feet.

KathyA said...

I have those weeds, too. I don't know what they are, but I call them pain in the ass weed. At least as they get bigger they come up easier. You're quite the photographer! Tomorrow I'm going to try to post pics of my garden from earlier in the summer. It may take me all day to figure it out.

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

How fun that you're getting to play with you camera.

I love that pine cone photo, and I smiled at the feet picture.

beachgirl said...

I'm jealous of your neighborhood. I wish I had a place to walk like that. Pretty fall colors too.

Have an awesome day and enjoy the camera. I haven't played with mine for awhile. I need to.

ellesu said...

I find dead trees intriguing, too. (Besides all the property damage) it was so sad to see all the huge trees down on their sides with those humongous root systems sticking up in the air. So sad. And....it's surprising how all the missing trees around the city change the light you get. I have become disoriented a time or two because things felt so different.

Summer said...

It turned out to be a pretty day yesterday didn't it? I loved it even though I was in pain hell.

How much sun does the lantana need or get in your garden?

You have great taste in shoes! ;0)

happyone said...

Enjoyed walking around with you. Nice job on all the pictures. Once you start taking pictures when walking you really LOOK at things.

fiwa said...

A photo essay of your walk!

I love Lantana too - especially that first combo with the dark pink and dark orange. Happy colors.

Your new camera takes really crisp pictures. Do you like it?

Moohaa said...

That Lantana is gorgeous! The colors are so brilliant. You are a great photographer, I feel like I could reach out and grab those pine cones.

Have a great day!

Brad said...

Hey sweetie - great pic & cute feets! Hope your doing good!

bonnie said...

Cheryl, your photos are fabulous. I want a fire ring. I wonder if I'd get reported to the covenant review in Columbia if I actually made one. Sometimes I consider buying one of those outdoor fire pot things. It's weird how much I will invest in our brief winters. I think I'm stuck in my growing up years in Massachusetts where winters really were rather brutal.

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