24 December 2010

Twas the night before Christmas

I'm so glad I wrapped all my gifts early. I think this is the first year that I've accomplished that. Rob has been wrapping for a long time and I can tell the glow has worn off. Emily just came home, but only has a few gifts left that need wrapping. As soon as they're done we're going to watch Christmas with the Kranks. I love that movie!

I've been battling a horrible cold for over a week. Right...I faked being well for my party. Didn't fake my body. Those of you that see me on Facebook know I've complained about this cold every day. It was a hard work-week. I stayed home from work on Tuesday. I was fully booked, but had no choice. I call out about once every 5 years. I think it was the first time I've had a fever as an adult. It was an awful day and night, but now just a memory. I think it was a one day flu in the middle of a cold. My voice is almost back and the headache almost gone.

Happy Christmas Eve my friends. Enjoy the eve!


Sweet Virginia Breeze said...

Hope you feel better soon, Cheryl.

Merry Christmas to you and your family! May the day be filled with love, joy, and peace.

Jay said...

Merry Christmas!!

heiresschild said...

MERRY CHRISTMAS Cheryl to you and your family. i hope you're feeling better.

Golden To Silver Val said...

Merry Christmas to you and yours and get well soon!! xo

happyone said...

Hope today your feeling better. A very Merry Christmas to you, Rob, and Emily. :-)

Leann said...

Merry Christmas and it's good to see you are feeling better.

Blessings my dear.

KathyA said...

Glad you're finally feeling better!

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