31 January 2011

Goodbye January. I'm ready for the next J month

I broke out my crock pot again and made chicken chili. It turned out good. I had it for dinner and portioned the rest into two lunches and two frozen dinners for two. I have beef stew and turkey soup in the freezer. I feel so domestic! I'll finish up what's frozen before I make anything else.

I went to the rehab center in the morning for the family meeting. We conferenced-in my siblings. So we have a little time to figure out what to do. We don't know how much, but whatever it is it won't be enough. This is not the fun part! I brought my parents' laundry to their house and got that done while going through their bills and records, etc. I looked through lots of history...birth records, my dad's army stuff, etc. It was interesting. I went back to the rehab center with the clean clothes. I watched my mom do occupational therapy. I helped wheel both parents to the dining room. It really is a nice place and my parents are being treated well.

I'll be bringing my scissors next time I visit.

It's amazing how much my mother's face has healed. I'll never post the pictures from the hospital. I almost wish I didn't have them, but can't bring myself to delete them either.

It's time for a blankie, or a heater. I could complain about the cold, but I'm thankful I have those options. Ever the optimist...that's me.


KathyA said...

Well aren't you the domestic goddess?? !!

Glad your parents are being treated well.

Jamie said...

You are SO organized and energetic. When I grow up I want to be just like you!

Happy Tuesday, buddy..


happyone said...

You've been busy with that crock pot!

Leann said...

I'm learning to love my crockpot, but in the mean time, you could Fed Ex some of those wholesome meals my way ;-)

It must be very comforting to you to know that your parents are being well cared for. Not always an easy find.

Take care, buckle down for the storm to come, and stay safe!

Anonymous said...

Glad to hear your parents are healing and doing well. I am sure it is especially comforting to you to know that they are being treated well too! That is always a big concern... the quality of care! Cheryl... you are an outstanding daughter to your parents!
~Peggy B.

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