14 March 2011

Goodnight moon

I'm tempted to get into bed right now, at 7:30, because this day has been long enough.

Emily and Phil left at 4:40 this morning to fly to San Luis Obisto, CA. I set my alarm for 4:05 to make sure she was awake and ready when her father got here. Unfortunately, the phone rang at 3:44 AM. That's never a good thing. It was a wrong number and because of it I didn't need my alarm anymore. I'm so excited for Emily and her BF. They're visiting his uncle for their spring break.

I've spent most of my weekend with my parents. I was there till 9:30 on Saturday night. I was back from 7 AM to 5:30 PM on Sunday. I was there today from 8 AM to 2:30 PM. Whew. My mom could really use one of us there 24/7. It's so hard to see how hard her life is. How hard it is for her to walk. There's really not much quality there. I took her to her psychiatrist this morning and her Prozac was increased. There's not enough Prozac in the world to give her the happiness that her stroke took away. And my dad... he's something else. A little dementia. Selective hearing. Noncompliance with healthy eating to keep his diabetes in check. But enough of that. My parents are so happy to have us kids around. My sister and brother have done so much heavy work at the house. Emily and Phil have worked really hard there. The cleaning out and renovation continues.

Mom and I had breakfast at Paneras today. That made her really happy. My nephew Ryan was there and we got to eat together. And...drink coffee!!

I returned my rental car today. I loved that car...a Pontiac Vibe. I like it better than my own, much to my surprise. Emily's car is fixed and we're back to two silver Honda's in the garage.

I planted many pansies in my garden when I got home. I can't wait till all the spring plants come to life. I love a spring garden. I'll post pictures soon, I hope.

I have a double batch of Cauliflower Curry Bean soup ready to be pureed. I wish I was already done. My bed is calling.


Lynx217 said...

I feel the same way about this MONTH already. I'm so tired anymore from having to deal with a cat that's fighting off the grim reaper and work-related issues I'd rather not get in. I'm so happy to see you're all doing well though. It's always hard though when parents start getting ill. It's the one comfort that I have with my Mom being gone. She didn't have to go through it all, though knowing her, even if she had, she'd denied it all! LOL Be well friend and see you around!

Noofy said...

Enjoy your sleep, you will probably fall right out thanks to the wrong number calling. I certainly would have left that caller with a few choice words. I know it is a struggle, try to be patient with your folks and thankful you have them. I miss mine every day of my life. A smile or a touch means so much. Looks like Emily made it safely, she's happy. Hope you get some rest you so justly deserve.

Jamie said...

You must be exhausted, darlin. I am, just from reading all you have been doing. Get to bed, have happy dreams. Big hugs. :)

Anonymous said...

Goodnight Cheryl ~ You'll sleep well tonight. I'll try not to drunken dial you again.....

Anonymous said...

Chesh, I need the recipe

KathyA said...

We're out here at the same time!!!

Nice could meet your newphew -- I'm sure your mom loved that!!!

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