07 March 2011

Pretty good times

It feels like 20 weeks since I've updated this blog. Or read your blogs. Life gets in the way. I've been busy.

Emily was hit by a hit and run driver on Friday. She and Phil weren't hurt, but she was very shaken up. A Mazda pick-up that was on the shoulder drove into the passenger side of her car, sideswiped it, made a u-turn in front of her, then sped away. No cars that witnessed it stopped. Thank goodness it wasn't worse. We brought the car to the auto body shop today, and I'm driving the rental, a spiffy white Pontiac Vibe. I like my car better.

Em's poor car

I spent Saturday night at my parent's house. That's my night. I stayed up late after they went to bed. I finished reading my book club book on my laptop. In all, I read it in hardback, on my iPhone, and then on my computer. I'm not sure which way was best. I spent the rest of the night, till the wee hours of the morning, looking at eBay auctions for some of the stuff my father has. Very interesting. Do you think I have time to be an eBay seller?

I spent all day Sunday with my parents. I didn't get out of my pj's till 4:00 when I got dressed for book club. I worked all day...not lounged. Our book was The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie. It was great to be with my friends.

Have I mentioned the plan for my parent's house? All new floors. The carpet is a fall hazard for my mom, and the laminate they have is old. So, everything needs to come up off the floors. All the DVD's have been put in storage containers. Many of the closets have been cleaned out. The attic has been emptied. Ditto with the shed and many closets. Ceiling fans have been installed. Collections have been put in storage. Furniture has been trashed. The bathroom openings are being widened for bigger doors. The tub will come out of the main bathroom to be replaced with an accessible shower. Handrails will be installed throughout the house, etc... And hopefully my parents will be able to stay in their home for a while. My siblings and I are working well together. My parents are in a daze with all the activity and changes. My mother keeps saying, 'this isn't my house anymore'. We tell them they're going to love it when it's done. My father looks in the garage a lot.

There's been a few trash days like this.

My brother and his daughter Hannah, in the shed. The cases behind my brother are filled with collectible beer cans. Wah.

Emily and Phil, the hired help.

My parent's house is a rancher, and it has a walk-in closet near the front door. We moved in when I was 6. We recorded our height on the wall every year. We recorded the niece's and nephew's heights too. It's a wall of memories.

I spent today today with...my parents! I grocery shopped for them before I got there. I took my father to two banks. I went out to lunch with my mother and took her shoe shopping. It was a good day.

I've been busy, but it hasn't been stressful. Don't ask me why. I'm fine except for when I sleep. I'm working on that.


Josie Two Shoes said...

This all sounds really good (except for the accident part). I'm so glad you're finding a way to make it work for your Mom and Dad and that you are able to spend a little time just enjoying their company too! I'm so very thankful your kids weren't hurt by that driver!!

Jamie said...

First of all, thank God that Emily and Phil weren't hurt. The poor car. Bleh.

I LOVE the closet! The memories in there are pricless. Also, girl--you and your brothers and sisters and nieces and nephews and of course, Emily and Phil--are such a blessing to your parents. You are all doing such great things for them, and while I'm sure that they are in a bit of a daze wth all of it, they will surely be grateful when it's all finished. Proud of you --- again, you are everything to everyone, and you do such great work. Big hugs. :)

happyone said...

You're lucky they take all that trash. In Savage we had a four bag limit!
Bad news about Em and her car. At least no one was hurt.

Noofy said...

Sorry to hear about Em's car and no one hurt, she has to be brokenhearted. Looks like you and the family are getting alot accomplished in your folks home remodel. You're right, they will love it when it is done. I don't think you have time as an eBay seller, you are barely squeezing in life as it is right now. Glad it isn't stressful, that's the last thing you need.

Golden To Silver Val said...

I'm so glad no one was hurt in the accident! I love the wall of memories. Make sure you get good pictures of it. Can't wait to see your parents' house after the improvements that will make life easier for them. Your parents must be so proud of all of you....coming together and working well toward this goal. God Bless you all.

C.A. said...

That closet picture is PRICELESS! :)

Sorry about Em's car. At least it was just the car.

KathyA said...

Whoa! You have been busy!!!! I bet it must feel really good to get their house cleaned up/out and safer for them. Is it longingly that your dad looks at the garage?

And the guy who hit Emily and drove away? I just put a curse on him. He should be feeling it anytime now.

Unknown said...

Good job! Now, tell someone to brew up a hot cup of coffee to celebrate the end of the job! In fact, I think I will brew one right now in my keurig special edition home brewing system - b60 right now to celebrate with you!

Lena said...

It is great that you are able to adapt your parent's home to meet their needs.

I also love the closet. What awesome memories.

So very glad to hear that Em and Phil are OK, but that is very scary. Too bad about the car.

You and your family are really a great team! Your parents must be very grateful and proud.

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