27 March 2011

I've had my coffee...time to get the day on

I'm taking a little time out at Caribou Coffee before heading to the folks. My sister is coming over and we're going to try to get a lot done. There's still a lot of heavy lifting that we can't do that will have to wait. Lisa suggested we go to Lemongrass for lunch. I said I'd love that, but we should bring Mom and take her to Haverty's afterward for some furniture shopping. Mom seemed to like that idea. Later I said to my mom, you'd probably prefer us to stay in the house and work, than to go out and have fun. She said yes, just as I knew she would. Well, we're going out anyway. Here's a story I'll always remember. My Cousin Myra and my mom were (and are) friends and way back when, they both had 3 or 4 little kids. They would take turns watching each others kids to give the other an afternoon off. Cousin Myra would go out to lunch and a movie with her friends. My mom would stay home and scrub the house. Years later I asked my mother if she had any regrets about how she spent her time. She had none whatsoever. She was doing what made her happy. That's a big part of her unhappiness now: she sees a million things around the house she wants done, and she can't do any of it. She would rather us work at her house than do anything else. The house will be put back together soon and all the work will be done. Then my mom and I can go to Old Country Buffet and hang with the Seniors. Much more fun, right?

Floors torn out

New floors in

The house is so cleaned out of 'stuff' that all you see is wide expanses of floor. It echos. It's beautiful. It needs more 'stuff' in it! It needs some carpet, but no carpet is one of the main reasons for the new floors.

Speaking of floors, I found some pieces of the lime green shag carpet I had in my bedroom in the 70's. I loved that carpet!

It's cold but the sun is shining and I've had a caramel latte. I'm ready to take on the day!


KathyA said...

Oh Cheryl!! I LOVE those floors!!!

I'm glad your mom had no regrets and I'm sorry things are so bad for her right now.

Noofy said...

The flooring is lovely, it sounds like you are relieved the carpeting is gone, nasty trip hazard for walkers anyway. Once all the new and old come together a happy home will emerge. Mom's are impatient, you know that, everything must be done now. Our shag carpet was a mustard yellow/gold, where did they get these colors? Enjoy your lunch, happy shopping!

Seth M. Ward said...

Yeah, the floor looks awesome!

Jamie said...

I love that carpet! But seriously, your moms floors look beautiful. It must be so frustrating for her, not to be able to do all that she wants. I have had a taste of living that way, Cheryl---it sucks. It is wonderful that you so GET it. Big hugs. :)

happyone said...

Floors look beautiful. I know what you mean about the echo though. If it bothers your mom, maybe you can hang some quilts or something up on the walls.

Cindy said...

I'd rather have hardwood than anything. I've removed all the carpet in every house I've ever owned and put in hardwood. Much easier to keep clean, I think. I damp mop it every now and again. It just screams class to me. I grew up with hardwood. Most people say it is more work but I don't think so.

Lena said...

Floors look awesome! Fun to find the piece of shag carpet.

I feel for your mom a lot. She sounds like a trooper though.

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