20 May 2014

I'm not shy

Part 1:
I had a great 4-mile walk with Sparky. Lucky dog!

Part 2:
I was driving to pick up my mom when my sister Lisa told me the Blue Angels were rehearsing sometime today for tomorrow's Naval Academy graduation. Right then, as I was crossing over the Severn River Bridge, four jets flew overhead!

I didn't take this picture, but that's what they looked like! As I drove, you could hear them all around. It was exciting. 

My friend Kit met us at Mom's favorite restaurant. Old Country Buffet. Woohoo! Mom was SO happy and ate SO slow. Patience hasn't been one of my virtues lately. Kit was very entertaining with her stories, which helped a lot. I didn't rush my mom one bit.

Part 3:
We put Kit's bike on my bike rack so we could park in the Annapolis Park n' Ride and cycle the B&A trail. As we got closer Kit remarked that the real rehearsal for the Blue Angels was at 2:00. Just then we saw a gazillion cars parked in the median and shoulder. Most of the cars were empty. We found a space in the lot and started to bike fast, hoping we could get a water view. Along comes a pick-up truck trying to make a right hand turn down a narrow wooded road. I know, long story. Well, I'm not shy. I asked him if he had a waterfront home with a view because we really wanted to see the Blue Angels. And he invited us! Down, down, down we rode our bikes. And there was our view! The guy, Matt, my age, was really nice. We walked down to the beach. Here' some of the boaters and their view...

Here's our view from the beach. The Academy is just beyond the bridge.

Here's his cottage with the chairs overlooking the water.

Kit and I made a new friend! Matt lives in the cottage with his girlfriend, and is caretaker of the property, in addition to his real job. The land has been in the Brice family for 9-10 generations. We exchanged contact info so I could come back to enjoy the view. He said he's out of town a lot. What an adventure. For Matt and for us. I don't imagine many strangers ask to visit his home.

Part 4:
Kit and I biked almost 13 miles on a picture-perfect day, on a beautifully-wooded paved path, with a stop for gelato along the way. 

Part 5:
And the moral of the story is...an ordinary day can be spectacular. Especially if you aren't shy.


happyone said...

Wow what a great day. : )

KathyA said...

This made me smile!

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