18 March 2007

And another Sunday comes and goes. I'm glad I still have Monday.

I did get some stuff done around the house this weekend. Cleaned my room and bathroom. Vacuumed the house. Did all the laundry. That's not bad. I've been meaning to work on my bathroom floor but only remember when I'm actually in it. My plan was to do a section at a time. I've become quite used to seeing the part of the white ceramic floor and grout that I've scrubbed with Soft Scrub with bleach look like it's glowing white compared to the rest of the floor that looks like it has gray grout. The clean part just gleams. If only I did a little each day...

Emily and I got out to the stores today. I was looking for a birthday gift for Kit, and she wanted to shop at American Eagle. Their clothes are obscenely priced, if you ask me. If she didn't have a 40% off coupon, I wouldn't buy anything there. She got a top, capris and shoes. I got a caramel latte from Barnes and Noble. That was a treat on a Sunday.

From there we went to Kit's brother's house where a lot of her family was gathered to celebrate her birthday. She got out of the hospital on Friday, and was happy to have her friends and family, including her 90 year of father, around. She was like a queen holding court. There was an amazing array of food there. Everything from shrimp cocktail to deli platters with corned beef, roast beef, turkey and liverwurst, which I was amazed to see people eat. I didn't think it appealed to the masses. I like it with coleslaw and mustard on rye, btw. Anyway, it was a great get-together. I used Kit's camera to take loads of pictures. She's making a blog for her Dad. He's a prolific writer, and she's putting together his letters along with family pictures. What a great way to use a blog.

Emily and I did a little more shopping at Marshall's, one of my favorite stores, on the way home. It's hard to find dresses in her size, and she needs one for the wedding we'll be attending. She did find a pair of capri's and a top for the price of one piece of clothing at American Eagle. So, it was a good shopping day for her.

I made some Perdue buffalo strips for dinner tonight. I didn't know buffalo meant hot. Our mouths were on fire as we ate them. I even shared Emily's milk with her, much to her delight. She doesn't like milk. Now I see why people have blue cheese dressing with wings. The creaminess must cool the fire.

I'll be visiting my parents tomorrow morning, then going to Kit's in the afternoon. She's having someone come to her house to work on her laptop. I'm always looking to learn, and hoping to pick up a thing or two.

And that's what I have to say, for now. La de da.


Billy said...

Sounds like a great way to spend your Sunday. I love it when you post pics. It makes it so real. Glad you had a good day.

JR's Thumbprints said...

Oh, but Mondays are the start of a work week!

Amanda said...

blue cheese dressing with wings

Must. Make. Blue. Cheese. Dressing. With. Hot. Wings. Today. YUM.

Anonymous said...

Yeah for Kit!

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