11 March 2007

I slipped a little and had an extra shot of espresso yesterday. I always pay for that in the form of a bad night's sleep. I woke up, thinking it was close to morning. I didn't open my eyes. Tried to fall back asleep. Finally looked at the bedside clock in horror as it read 2:58 A.M. This was after going to sleep at 1:00. I got up and read for a while. I think I got about 4 hours sleep total.

I'm a little confused about what time it really is. Actually, I just called the number for time. I had changed the clock on my computer last night, but I guess it changed itself (like it has a mind of it's own) because it's an hour ahead of what it should be. Could my cell phone have automatically changed too? Like I said, confused.

So here it is, Sunday. The sun is shining, and the weather is nice. I plan to get outside and do some cleaning up in my garden. The year we moved into the house (it was new) I removed the grass in my front yard and planted a perennial garden. I'm on a cul-de-sac and the lots are triangular. My friend, an avid gardener, helped me plan the garden according to color, height, and bloom times. I bought most of the plants from a nursery to get the exact color and variety. Over the years, I've divided my favorite plants and integrated them into the garden. I've bought new ones wherever I could find them and planted them here and there. I've let the plants spread so I could have a full garden. What I have now, after 13 years, is a garden that needs a major overhaul. The two trees in the middle of it grew tall and blocked the full sun exposure. Last year I had my dogwood taken out because it was too close to the house. That tore things up. One of my favorite plants, yarrow, is everywhere. So is coreopsis and false sunflower. They're all yellow. I have a mostly yellow garden. Boring. Another favorite, perennial phlox, spread like crazy, but no longer has the vibrancy of the original plant. I really neglected the garden last summer. I never watered and it was dry. When summer was over, I pulled anything that would give. Now spring is around the corner, and I have work to do. Gardening is no longer the hobby it once was, but since I can't have a yard with just dirt, I have to get going. I think I'll see if my old friend can come by and help me get this garden back in shape.

Funny how some posts just take on a life of their own.


Bobby D. said...

a garden is never finished, like like it is always a work in progress. Throw some turkey poo on everything and it will vibrate again!

I have the same probs with espresso. I take myself off coffee for a week every month.

Billy said...

Saw your link on Andrew's blog. Yeah! I am planting a vegetable garden for the first time this year. My grandfather and my dad are awesome vegetable growers. I can't seem to keep anything alive in the house. I am going to try my luck outside. Can't wait!

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