25 March 2007

Instead of a lot of words, I thought I'd post a photo blog. They say a picture says a thousand words, right?

Emily taking inventory to be a Craigslist.com seller for a client of mine.

Me and Bill.

The King and I.

Emily with the birdhouse up. Waiting for the morning doves that come every year.

Many bags of topsoil are spread over the bare ground. Now I just need to seed, fertilize, and put down the straw.

I bought this hummingbird feeder today. I hope the birds can find it.

My new gardening clogs.

I love this rusty garden sculpture.

An ant's view of some moss.

I'm just starting on this side of the garden.

Flowering weeds. They're everywhere.

I'm worn out!


Andrew said...

Better watch ole Billy. He's been known to grope! lol I loved the ant's view of the moss. I am a big photo macro fan as you can tell from my photo blog. Take care and have a great day at work today, Cheryl.


Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Enjoyed the photos. After all that, I'd expect you to be worned out! Looks like you are trying to have the whole of Spring in one day of gardening.

Anonymous said...

Wow, you had one busy and productive day. Doing it as a photo blog is such fun.

Anonymous said...

Ah, your such a cutie pie, I could just hug you and Emily to pieces. (And you know I ain't the biggest person on hugging strangers so that says alot!)

Love the new profile pic and all the ones here in the post. I hope Ole' Bill didn't try to cope a feel when you were standing next to him.

Remember the days when the biggest problem on the national mind was who the President hadn't actually slept with. :)


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