16 March 2007

Andrew was just asking about the weather. It's terrible! It started raining last night, and had kept up a steady heavy rain till early afternoon. I work in a converted warehouse with a flat metal roof that really conducts sound. We started hearing the pinging of sleet in the early afternoon, and as of right now, 8:30, it has not stopped. If you look outside, it appears that we have about an inch of snow. It's all sleet. It's 32 degrees now, so all of this will be freezing. The sleet should be ending then turning to snow. I think they're calling for up to 3 inches of that. This is a mess. I'm just praying that we don't lose our power. I called my first 2 clients for tomorrow and gave them my phone number. That way they can call me if they need to cancel. I brought their numbers home in case I'm the one to cancel. We'll see. It was foolish to think that bad weather was over. March is notorious for this. I don't want to miss work. I want to do my normal thing and go to Borders in the afternoon. I like my routines.

It's so quiet here. The only sound is the sleet. It's nice. I'm going to watch the last few episodes of Jericho on my laptop, if I can stay up that long.

PS. I never did get around to watching TV. Andrew and I e-mailed back and forth and with his help I got my posting problem all fixed. La de la!


Terroni said...

I just discovered your blog--fun! I'm sorry about your weather. We had 48 hours in the 60's and then it snowed again. What a tease!

Amanda said...

Ugh, trust the weather up north to try and do a last-minute turnabout like that! The sky has turned gray today here too... Hope it doesn't get too bad for you.

Billy said...

Isn't Andrew awesome? He has helped me several times as well. Hope you didn't have too much of a mess with the weather.

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