15 March 2007

Proxima wrote that she misses seeing my face. How sweet. This is for you, Proxima.


Anonymous said...

Yeah! Hello Beautiful, nice to see you again! You have the nice full lips every woman wants and I like your hair too.

Sorry to hear your experiencing technical difficulty. Hope they will help you out soon.

And next time you take your parents to a buffet you should bring a book, or crochet needles and yarn. :>

Andrew said...

Your mother reminds me of my grandmother. She can take absolutely forever to eat the smallest amount. I know her food grows so cold before she finishes it.

Hooray for wonderful pics of wonderful people!!! :-)

Billy said...

I have been gone for awhile. Work can be such a drag. Anyway, I loved seeing the pictures of your garden. I can't wait to see it after you get some blooms.

captain corky said...

Hi Cheryl. It's snowing pretty good here in NJ. Hope all is well with you.

Andrew said...

Hey Cheryl, just curious as to whether you are getting any snow or not. I just looked at the radar and it is coming down up in the Northeast. I am so envious. We are on our eight year in a row without snow of any kind. *sighs and cries* I hope you are well. Missing you tonight and your writings.


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