21 April 2008

I'm really enjoying hotel living. We have a large, comfortable room. We leave it messy and come back to freshly made beds, a neat room and a spotless bathroom with clean towels. The grocery store, drugstore and great restaurants are within walking distance. The lobby staff wish us a good day as we leave and then when we return. I might come back to the class just to stay in the hotel.

I had a great night's sleep and woke up ready for another day of class. I did walk in the rain to get there, but I had my umbrella. We started with theory and a review of yesterday's lesson. Then we learned about layering, and how it relates to the interior and exterior of the haircut. Sounds technical, huh? We broke for lunch and I went to Baja Fresh with some of the other students. When we got back we started our haircuts. I had no problem doing the prescribed cut on my mannequin. We finished the day by cutting about an inch off of yesterday's length, but with a square perimeter instead of an a-line. In other words, the front was just slightly longer than the back. We also learned how to blow dry it properly. I walked back to the hotel in the rain. Will it ever stop? It's been raining for two days and nights.

Kit and I drove about 2 miles to Clarendon. It's a very hot spot. Lots of 20-somethings and young families. It's got great shopping: Whole Foods, Barnes and Noble, The Container Store, Apple, Crate and Barrel, Pottery Barn, Ann Taylor, etc..It's a walking town. An old friend of mine lived nearby and I always shopped/browsed the stores whenever I visited her. Kit and I ate at The Cheesecake Factory for dinner. We split my favorite appetizers, chicken quesadillas and Thai lettuce wraps. Yum.

So, we're settled into our nightly routine. Kit's in her bed with her laptop reading the news, and I'm in the armchair writing and reading blogs. We've turned out to be very compatible hotel-mates. Tomorrow the 'party' ends and by dark we'll be back in our own homes. Emily is anxious for me to get back, and I've missed her.

Did I mention I'm going to NY next weekend?


Mary said...

Once again, I'm pea green with envy. NY next weekend. WOW!! Shows? Shopping? Restaurants? Be careful, but tell all.

Harry's never been to NY City and would like to go. I would drive to Ft Monmonth and take the train. I've done that many, many times and never had a problem. Once I took my car in - NEVER again!

Glad you and Kit are enjoying your time among the bustle of the city.

Golden To Silver Val said...

You are really becoming the social butterly, aren't you. LOL....how wonderful!! I would love the shopping and, of course, messing up a bedroom and bathroom I don't have to clean. Hope you getting lots of pictures for us. Travel safely...home always looks good, no matter what.

Brad said...

Our little world traveler - your getting spoilt - what shall we do with you ?

Moohaa said...

Wow, look at you, busy thang! NY? I demand pictures of wherever you go. I'm so glad you've enjoyed your time. You are so dedicated to being successful at your work, you deserve all the spoiling you get!

captain corky said...

My wife and I ate at the Cheesecake Factory on Friday night. I love that place. My burger must of weighed 10 pounds. :)

I'll be in NJ this weekend. About 20 minutes from NY. But the important part is that I'll be eating great food. Me and my stomach can't wait.

marykay said...

Wow, you I love everyone of those stores. Wishing you a great last day and New York next, now I go back to my boring life. Thanks alot!

Happyone said...

Sounds like your having a wonderful time. It's good that you and Kit get along so well.
Hope today is a great one for you too - the sun is even starting to come out now! :-)

Mo said...

Glad the trip and the class are going well.

Sounds like fun all around.

New York huh? Now who is on the go? :)

Diane Vogel Ferri said...

NYC is my favorite place. I watch tv shows set there just to see it. My daughter lives there now - and I miss her so much - but LOVE visiting! Have fun.

Andrew said...

I have really enjoyed keeping up with you the past few days. Your writings about where you ate make me so hungry though! LOL I had to delete a few food blogs from Google reader for making me ravishingly hungry all the time. Hope you are well Cheryl and enjoy NYC! Hope to see some photos.

Lena said...

Yes, it is fun to be waited on for a change, isn't it?

And more to come next weekend?

You go girl!

fiwa said...

Hotel living is kind of fun, isn't it? I love it when we have our meetings because breakfast/lunch and dinner are all right there for me - I don't even have to make any choices.

Sounds like you're having a good time and your class is going well.
Enjoy! New York?! Tell!!


CRUSTY MOM-E said...

you write magic..I loved this! Even the part about the umbrella...I really love your amazing glimpses!


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