20 April 2008

Morning! I'm up early and thought I'd start the day with a new post. I'll start with yesterday. My first client had thin, long and straggly curly hair. She found me on a website devoted to curly hair issues. Much to my surprise, someone had written a very positive review about me! That was exciting. The client was sweet and talkative and her hair turned out great. She traveled about 30 minutes to get to me. My next client also had curly hair and had been traveling to Herndon, VA, about an hour away from her, for the past 11 years to get to her hairdresser. She was recommended by another curly haired client of mine. She had great hair and was really pleased, as was I. After doing those two clients, the rest of the day was a breeze.

I stopped at Starbucks on my way to Kit's. I love the new brown (black?) logos on their cups. I think it's the original logo. I guess Starbucks is trying to reinvent themselves with all the competition they face. I loved the new green stoppers that fit in the sipping vent. What a great idea.

Kit and I met a VA friend in Clarendon for dinner. It was a perfect night and we got outside seating. I loved being in the middle of a bustling city and watching all the people. We seemed surrounded by 20-somethings, and I studied many of the young girls out with their dates and thought of Emily being in their place in just a few years. We started the meal with a glass of wine. We made sure it didn't have $15 price tag like the last time we were out. Kit and I shared a rib dinner and then bread pudding with ice cream for dessert. We made our way back to the hotel and got ready for bed then settled in with our laptops. My place is in a cozy armchair by the window. I got into bed, and started feeling bad. Terrible heartburn and nausea. No Tums or anything else to take. And I couldn't fall asleep! Finally I did, then woke up early. To slamming hotel doors. That's something that's always bothered me about hotels. Why can't doors gently close?

Well, it's time to start getting ready. I timed my walk to the Academy from the hotel last night and it took 8 minutes. I'm going to walk to Safeway before class to pick up some Tums because I still don't feel right. I really need to be proactive and see what I should and should not be eating with my reflux. I'm not giving up the coffee. I'll suffer with that.


PS...thanks for your comments Ilene. It's always nice to see a comment from a sister (hint, hint Lisa). And how could I have gotten Mom's bad arm wrong? It's her left arm that's paralyzed, not her right. And, my mom was a lefty, to make matters even worse.


Summer said...

I'm sorry about your reflux. I don't go anywhere without my zantac! I suffer right along with you.

Clarendon, very close to where I grew up, is nothing like it is now. It was the place you did your Christmas shopping, with a Sears, JC Penny, shoe stores, men's clothing stores, little dress shops. They would hang the Christmas decorations over the streets, just like something out of A Christmas Story. My first real job was at a bank on Wilson Boulevard. Now it's all metro and trendy. My oldest, Allen, lived there for a year until he moved back in here. He loved it.

Your first client yesterday...could have been me! Your class sounds great. I hope you enjoy it. And that Kit! What a gal for going with you!

Rick Rockhill said...

cheryl- that's pretty cool about your client finding you on the web, nice job with the e marketing!

Happyone said...

You are becoming famous!!
Sorry you aren't feeling tip top but sounds like your having a good time with Kit.
Enjoy your classes!

Amanda said...

This is just lovely about the compliment!

Apples after a good meal really help with the side-effects.

Mo said...

I hope you are feeling better.

There is nothing worse than being out of sorts while on the road.

Oh, and hotel doors. Please do not even get me started on this.

Last week I about went spider monkey crazy on some people across the hall from me.

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