14 April 2008

It's been a great day off. The sun has been so bright all day long but it's been cold. Is it too much to ask for sunny and warm? I guess it is!

I accomplished my goals at home. I vacuumed the entire house, hard floors and carpet. I mopped the tile, laminate and wood floors and did all the baseboards. I cleaned my bathroom and cleaned off the counter tops. All those things were long overdue.

I got the results from my sonogram. I have a uterine fibroid and that might be causing the pain I have. The doctor wasn't in, so I'll call him tomorrow. This fibroid isn't new and gave me pain last year, then the pain went away. So, it might do that again.

I realized today's doctor appointment was near Bonnie's house so I called her up and she invited me over. I was so excited to finally see her house. I loved it. It's a great space with great art and lots of color. Thanks for having me over Bonnie!

I really liked today's doctor. After talking at length and his doing a quick abdominal feel, he told me he's pretty sure I have IBS. After seeing all the tests I had done last year, and because I don't have any symptoms that would point to cancer (he didn't say cancer but said lack of appetite, loss of weight, blood in stool, etc.) he doesn't feel I need any tests at this time. He gave me a prescription for an anti-spasm medicine and I have an appointment to see him again in a month. I'm feeling very relieved. I don't mind the pain now that I know it's not life-threatening.

I came home to my clean house and watched a little Oprah, then started on dinner. I made the Teriyaki Steak I wrote about last night using flat iron steak. It was quite delicious. I rarely eat meat, so this was a nice treat and I'll use the tiny bit leftover in my salad tomorrow. The only thing I'd do differently next time is use lower sodium soy sauce. Just so you know.

Well, I'm off to take a little walk while it's still light out. Later!


Lena said...

So glad to hear that you do not have anything life threatening!
It must have been nerve wracking waiting for those results.

Teryaki Steak sounds delicious!

Have a nice evening!


Mary said...

Sorry to hear about the problems but really, really happy that doctor didn't say the "C" word or feel more tests were necessary. Dinner sounds yummy. We had leftovers from the Sunday gathering.

Moohaa said...

I'm glad it looks like you have an answer finally. Do they remove fibroids? I've heard those are pretty painful. And as for IBS, as a fellow sufferer, you have my sympathy.

I hear you about weather... Saturday it was so beautiful I actually got a bit sunburned, now its back to cloudy and blah.

Have a good night!

SOUL said...

sounds like another good day at your place. good food too. yum.

sorry about the weather -- hopefully it'll warm up soon. what a long yukky winter eh? and it's just teasing everyone too. one nice day-- two cold. how cruel.

i'm happy to hear your doc feels confident about his diagnosis--- but i can't help myself but to ask-- what did he say about the blood in the stool??? have any of your labs shown any anemia?? blood is not a "common" symptom of IBS. it is possible.. just not very common. so i wonder if you've had a colonoscopy or upper gi/scope done. i surely don't want to add worry to your relief.. i just don't trust doctors much-- you know?
and i have been through this GI route for years and all the same stuff keeps coming back-- sort of like with you. so it makes me wonder -- if they are as thorough as they should be.

i really hope so-- and i hope you feel better real soon!

hope you have a great day--

Cheryl said...

Hey Soul...I meant that I don't have those symptoms. I surely would have worried if I did! I've also had a colonoscopy and lots of tests to rule out other stuff. I'll stick to the relief for now!

Billy said...

Flat iron steaks are really popular here. I am glad the visit with the doctor went well. Have a great day!

bonnie said...

Man, that Soul really knows her stuff, she sounds expertly medical. Sometimes I sound that way. It's so impressive. It was fun having you by for tea. Y'all come back now.

fiwa said...

I'm so glad what yo have isn't life threatening, but all the same, I hope they can help you clear up the pain.

Your steak sounds yummy - glad it worked out. I've heard of flat iron too, but have never cooked one.

Enjoy your day today!

Golden To Silver Val said...

Yippee...this is such good news..and now that you know its basically nothing to really worry about....odds are that your pain will go away (cause you won't be thinking about it so much). I also have fibroids in my uterus and when you get to the point of lower estrogen in your system (after menopause) they will shrink. They won't go away but they will shrink considerably.
Big hugs for your great news. Life is good.

Happyone said...

Glad to hear you finally got an answer to that pain you've been having. It's good to know it's nothing serious.
Weather was a bit cold yesterday but good weather for raking leaves left over from Fall.

Diane Vogel Ferri said...

I've got fibroids - one the size of an orange but I've resisted my doc's suggestion of hysterectomy - so far so good - i did have an ovary removed though due to the fear of cancer. Thank God for medical care!

Dave said...

Your busy schedule makes me tired just reading about it! It seems that everyone is getting everything wrong with them nowadays. Most of us have more than one health issue... I am glad to hear that yours is not life threatening.

Take care of yourself Cheryl! :-)

Portia said...

I'm glad you are getting some answers from your doctor so you don't have to wonder or worry any more. Way to go on the productive day! I hope today was a good one too:)

beachgirl said...

I'm glad all your tests came out in your favor.

Can you come clean my house. Please.
The weather is so nice this time of year I have a tough time staying inside.

I also do the deep cleaning of the floors when the dogs are at the groomers. Much easier. My little one loves to chase the mops.

My daughter made pad thai for dinner tonight. Yummy.

Tonight we are going across the street to watch one of the girls from the gym sing. I hear she has an awesome voice.


SOUL said...

hmm.. well so happy to hear that i missed the NO part in the list of symptoms :))
oops. good to know.
hope the pain stops.

have a good day-

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