01 November 2008

Saturday, again

I wore my track suit to work with sneakers! We're only allowed to wear sneakers when we're pregnant. Or in costume. I was comfortable all day! At times I took off my jacket when I was hot and had my sleeveless Nike top showing. Again, sleeveless not allowed, except in costume. I got to show off my toned arms. I got home after the trick-or-treaters. This was my first year not being here to give out candy. I felt bad seeing that most of my neighbors had their lights off, meaning no candy. Oh well.

I'm off and running to start my Saturday. And you know what that means. Have a great one!


SOUL said...

hey girlie---
i'm makin my rounds finally-- thanks so much for visiting while i was down...sure makes a difference to know you haven't been forgotten.

you got an early start on your day looks like-- makes me wonder what you're up to. is it borders day? or is that monday? i can't keep track anymore.
BuiT on the bright side, the few days or so before my episode--- the mental confusion etc, i am happy to report must have been lack of oxygen, and not the cracking up that i thought was happening. :))
still a bit confused at times.. combo of meds , low bp, and lack of O2 i think.. but still.. i'm not mental. woo hoo.

anyhow whatever it is you're doin today i ope you enjoy it!!!!

Lena said...

It is always fun to go to work in comfortable clothes. We have jean day on Fridays and donate money to charity to wear the them. It is so much more comfortable and something to look forward to at the end of a long week.

Have a great day.

Jamie said...

Your attire at work yesterday sounds wonderful, I never understand why folks that do your line of work can't wear shoes that are comfortable...more than anyone, I think your profession demands it, it's one thing to walk alot, but when you have to just stand all day...that is hard on the old body...well hard on MY OLD body. :)

Happy weekend Cheryl. Hugs to you.


Ilene said...

Did anyone say anything to you about it or give you "looks".

happyone said...

We went out so we weren't home for the trick or treaters.
In answer to your question. The most I've walked in one day was 19 miles, but that was on a walking vacation in England. During the 6 days I walked 85 miles.
Looks like you got an early start on your Saturday - enjoy your day.

Gin said...

We had almost 200 kids at our door last night!

Have a great weekend!

Rick Rockhill said...

Cheryl- hope you have a good Saturday....with lots of generous customers in the topping department!

heiresschild said...

i love helping out at summer camp because i get to wear capris, shorts, t-shirts and sandals. no dress code there.

have a great sunday Cheryl.

Anonymous said...

It makes it so much nicer when you can work in something comfy.

There were no trick-or-treaters out in our neighborhood, it's all growing up. We need to find something to do with all this candy now...so that we don't eat it!

Golden To Silver Val said...

This makes me wonder why you're not allowed to wear comfy shoes!!! Being on your feet so much...you'd think that they wouldn't mind at all. My hair stylist and also all the others in the shop wear shoes with 3" heels, mules or wedgies...I would absolutely DIE if I had to stand in those all day. I sincerely don't know how they do it.

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