24 February 2009

Short and sweet

Ladeda, not much going on around here. Sitting in my quiet house, waiting to watch The President. I spent more time at Panera's today than I did at work. Too bad I wasn't paid for it. I don't remember the last time I had a day at work were I wasn't busy. The rest of the week looks full. There were a zillion laptops at Panera's...kinda crazy. I wish I had one of those little ones, just for fun. Just cause I like electronics. My iPhone counts as a little laptop, I guess.

Short and sweet. That's me. (Not really)


KathyA said...

Well, you're sweet so you're half right! Had a busy day -- plus a play date with you-know-who. My knees are sore from crawling all over!

Bertha said...

I like Panera. I haven't been in a while but I need to go. I have a craving for it now.


Neponset River Bridge Dig said...

Maybe you can get a part time job at Panera's.

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

HA! I like Rich's idea if you ever get really bored. Course that may take the fun out of it right?

What did you think about his speech last night?

Hope things are no longer pitfalling. ^_^ for you.

Happy work day.

IS the IPHONE the one that you hold it up to a song and it tells you what the song title is and so forth?


fiwa said...

I think it's tall and sweet, but yes, that's you.

Cindy said...

I want a cute little laptop, too. I have a panasonic T-7 for work, but it has an ugly sticker in the center of the lid warning people that it has computrace on it. So if they steal it, they will be tracked down via the internet and prosecuted. Computrace guarantees that they can recover the device in 90 days or they replace it. Pretty good return on a $75 investment.

beachgirl said...

I hope you shake the dull drums soon. I have had a case of them lately also.
I find the lack of beach time due to the chilliness a negative.
We did have a great mardi gras celebration up on the beach for 5 days. The music was incredible. The vendors typical, fair food, etc. But it brought people out all weekend. Even in the chili weather at night.

Have a better day and I hope work gets busy. My hairdresser is feeling it also.

Brad said...

I want to see tomatoes.

Lena said...

The hair salon I go to is not busy at all anymore.

I am hoping they don't start letting people go or close!

Moohaa said...

A friend of mine at school has this tiny little computer, I mean tiny. She said she kinda had to relearn to type because it was in such a small space. I'm honored to pray for you!

Real Live Lesbian said...

Oh yeah, your iPhone counts! ;)

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