22 February 2009

Ho hum

It's been a while since I've hung out at a coffee shop on a Sunday morning. Lately I've been visiting my mom instead. I'll be doing that tomorrow. Maybe an early lunch at Old Country? My mom just loves that place. It's been months since we've been there but I bet we'll see the usual bunch of seniors. I'll eat much too much and regret it.

I haven't been swimming. While my knee is much better, my shoulder can't take the swimming, which makes me sad. Remember when I swam and walked all the time? I knew it wouldn't last, but didn't think it would be injuries that would cause me to fall off the exercise wagon. My knee is almost back to snuff; I need to make walking a priority. There's also no reason I shouldn't go to the 'gym' at my community center. It's mostly a time thing. I so admire people who take the time to exercise. I want to be one of those people again. I'll let you know if I get off my butt.

I made my first recipe from my new cookbook. Orange Chicken. It wasn't very good. I think I know what I did wrong. The chicken never browned or got crispy and I think it was because my pan never got hot enough. Emily liked it, so I'll try it again. I'm determined to do more cooking, but I'm limited by what Emily will eat.

Emily straightened her hair tonight and I took some pictures. Here's one. I can't believe how old she looks. I miss my little girl.

I think I'll skip the Sunday tomato picture. Not the most exciting blog subject around. You're not totally off the hook though, so don't worry.

I've watched lots of TV this weekend. I had a lot of catching up to do. I've mostly watched the Academy Awards. It's been a couch potato weekend. Boring. Maybe this is the February duldrums?

That's it. Not very exciting, huh? Mostly mundane.


C.A. said...

Emily's hair looks SO different! I like it alot!

The chicken looks yummy, but maybe it needs a little more color? I think I'd definitly eat it. I am buying the rest of the ingredients for the soup today...tomato mushroom for my first attempt. I can't wait! Thanks for sharing the recipe!

Gulf Coast said...

Oh yes, kids grow up fast..where does all the time go? enjoy her before she leaves the nest.
Your dish looks very good.

happyone said...

I think the chicken looks yummy!
Hope the day out cheers you up. I'm looking forward to Thursday!
Sometime you should come over and we can walk around the lake. :-)

fiwa said...

Well the chicken looks really pretty - before I read the post - I thought you'd gone to a chinese buffet or something.

Hey - I wanna see the tomato update! By the way - I have some seeds from an heirloom tomato that I saved last year. It's called Kelloggs Breakfast and it's a big orange colored tomato. Let me know if you want some - I'll send them your way.


KathyA said...

The orange chicken looks real good. You might also try marinating the chicken before coating and cooking. It's great that you try new things.

Brad said...

Oh! I saw a tip yesterday on line that will help if you get seeds from Fiwa. To make your own seed starter pods take strips of newspaper and wrap them around a spice bottle. Make the newspaper strips twice as tall as you want the starter cups, fold the bottom flat to the jar and tape with masking tape (breaks down faster) and fold the top over into itself for sturdiness. should fit right into the aerogarden holes.

Lena said...

Wow, I never have tried to make orange chicken, what a good idea. It sure looks good.

Emily has grown up so much! I know what you mean though, I miss my little boys, too.

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

Wow, the hair looks fantastic!

Did you like the Oscars? I'm curious what you thought of some of the shows. I know I was in tears when Heath Ledger's parents and sister accepted the award..wow. What a moving moment.

:) Smile it's your sunday. :)

ac said...

I thought I left a comment here... Blogger must have eated it. lol ac

Rick Rockhill said...

OK, that orange chicken SERIOUSLY looks so good!

captain corky said...

Yeah, it does look really good. I don't know... I think TV beats exercise every time. ;)

Jamie said...

Both emily and the chicken are beautiful...in different kinds of ways, of course. Emily looks exactly like you...and that makes YOU beautiful, too!

Happy Tuesday. Hugs---and hang in. I know it's rough but better days have to be ahead. :)

Portia said...

As much as I love to see your tomatoes, Emily has them beat! She is another one who looks beautiful straight or curly.

Moohaa said...

Mundane is better then some things friend! Enjoy it!
I've been thinking of you a lot. I hope you are doing well inside and out!

Gorgeous daughter! She's grown up a ton just since I met you!

Summer said...

Emily is so pretty!

I'm not sure why, but I don't like dishes cooked, seasoned, flavored with orange. I like oranges, but not mixed with other foods, especially meat. Lemon is ok though.

Sorry to hear that your shoulder is giving you so much grief.

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