05 February 2009

And so it goes

I've really been slacking with blogging lately. I'm sorry. I haven't been around to comment, but I promise I won't be making a habit of that. As soon as I write a few words I'm getting into bed for an hour of reading.

I got a few things done today. Wrote some cards. No, addressed them. Cleaned all the counters and toaster oven. Big woop. Made some phone calls. De-cluttered the family room, kitchen and dining room table. Hung some pictures. Ironed a very large dining room tablecloth. That took a long time. What took the longest, though, was ironing my new dust ruffle. I'm a perfectionist and it had 5 box pleats that I ironed and pinned. I couldn't help myself. Then I had to take off my mattress and everything else that goes with putting on a new dust ruffle. I grocery shopped. I made dinner. I cut Emily's boyfriend's hair. Check out the before and after.

I liked his long hair, but what he really wanted was a buzz cut. I didn't have my clippers, so this is what he got, for now. He looks like a different person! Emily really likes it short. He said his parents will be really happy. I should have told him to brush his hair away from his ears and muss it up around his forehead before I took the picture. The haircut looks better in person.

I didn't do so much today. I'm looking at the two days of unread newspapers. I really wanted to read them. Oh well. There's only so much time in a day.

Later, friends.


KathyA said...

Good job on the haircut!
I've missed you!

beachgirl said...

Nice haircut.

Brad said...

What a difference a couple inches of hair makes - he looks angelic in the last pic. A bit "not with MY daughter..." in the first.

Gulf Coast said...

WOW...clean cut boy. Good Job.

Jamie said...

He looks great with shorter hair! His eyes are huge---and they are adorable together!

You sound so busy....are you taking care of you?



Summer said...

What a great head of hair he has!

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