02 June 2009

42 and counting

I've been running around like a Mad Woman today. 42 minutes till work, and I can finally relax. Whew. Em asked me to drive her to school this morning and I decided to go grocery shopping straight from there. Despite the fact that I let conditioner dry in my hair last night. The curls helped, and I only ran into a few grocery clerks I know :). I went to two stores, put the groceries away, cooked chicken tenders, showered and got ready for work, did a load of laundry, made two salads with all the toppings, made salad dressing, talked to Elizabeth, and here I am. Ready to go to work so I can relax.

Yesterday was a perfect day. I took my mom to the mall with me. Bought some 'dating clothes' from Ann Taylor and work tops from Penny's. Took Bonnie's advice and had the Apple store apply a new matt-finish screen protector to my iPhone. It looks so much better. Went to Panera's for lunch. The same one I lost my $400 at. Brought my mother home then spent two and a half glorious hours at the pool. I listened to my book. Swam 6 laps, listened to music, etc. It was so beautiful outside. It was a very happy day.

I don't think my neighbor with the garage doors likes me anymore. He was working on them yesterday and didn't even say hello. I spoke to another neighbor who was outside and mentioned that I said something to the neighbor about the garage doors. He told me he talked to him the other night after he'd been drinking and gave him hell about them. Well, at least it wasn't only me, and I said what I said nicely. I guess he gets the idea. Every one likes him, just not the appearance of his house.

I'm loving my new washer, btw. It takes almost an hour to do a load of wash, but it's cut the dry time to next to nothing. I'm still entertained by all the strange noises the washer makes as it does it's thing.

I'm off to read some blogs. 31 minutes to go. I'm so glad it's going to be a scorching hot day and I'll be inside my cool salon. Happy day to you.


kristi said...

Your morning sounds like mine!! I slept in today...woot woot! Til' 6 am!

happyone said...

You sound like a whirlwind!! :-)
Ken is coming in for a haircut after work today.

KathyA said...

Wow! When did you lose $400.00?!!!!

Cheryl said...

I was going to buy an iPhone. The money must have fallen out in the parking lot. I hope someone who was down on their luck found it. That's what I'd like to think.

Billy said...

Hope you had a marvelous day!

JOY said...

Your amazing !! I agree we are so blessed to be able to go to work to relax .What a job ! you prove the book I have read call Happiness is a choice , Keep on keeping on !

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