23 June 2009

A day in pictures

Hmmm, what is this umbrella doing in the dunes? It looks like a good one.

Let me check the back cause it looks fine from the front.

How did he fold it up???

It looks like he's carrying it away, but no, he leans it against the other side of the fence. Maybe he figures it's no good without the pole?

Wait, who is this boy and what's he doing with my umbrella?

Goodbye umbrella. You'll be missed. I hope someone buys a pole for you.

Random shots from one of the many beach/junk shops. Hermit crab land.

Jonathan and friend.

Emily and friend

Bathing suit anyone?

I bought one for every guy on my list. Not.

Beach chair? Plenty to choose from.

Jonathan said, "Aunt Cheryl, you sure do take a lot of pictures" Yes, I do.

Yes, I'm having fun

Having fun. Not me. Glad she's wearing a one piece today. Can you imagine her in a two piece? Try not to; it was not a pretty site. I hope I'm forgiven for posting this.

Good times!!!


fiwa said...

I want a hermit crab farm!!!! I would glue googly eyes on all of them.

Was that a REAL snake that Em was posing by??

happyone said...

Loved all the pictures!! Maybe even I could find a bathing suit from all of those!! Wow that's a lot of them!!
I will miss the umbrella saga. :-)
We have been having some real nice weather up this way too.
My morning walks have been super nice!
Have a great Wednesday my friend.

KathyA said...

Those shops are really something, aren't they??

Lena said...

I have been enjoying the umbrellla saga, too. Looks like you are having a great time.

Summer said...

I love the umbrella story and the 2 for $10 piggy banks. LOLOL! Don't you love those junk stores?

kim Baccaglini said...

cool pictures!!!

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