23 June 2009

Less than I planned but more than nothing

I started this by saying I was the only one up and it was nice and quiet. My mom is up and will be glued to the news and the tragedy of the Metro train wreck. I just made her coffee and brought mine to the balcony where I've been for the last hour or so. I take my coffee with Splenda and creamer. I've forgotten to buy sweetener every day and I'm still not used to it.

It started off cool and cloudy this morning with my thinking, this is it. Our first bad-weather day.

It's so bright now that I have to keep moving my chair closer to the sliding glass door to get out of the sun. The forecast: 90 degrees and sunny! Sounds like a scorcher. Yesterday my sister and I were saying we'd love a warm and cloudy day. That's showing our age!

Here's the scoop on the umbrella. Why, oh why didn't I think to save the pole to my expensive umbrella? Why didn't I go to the condo office and ask to use a wrench to push that thing in so I could close it up? I looked out yesterday morning and the umbrella was still in the dune where the people had thrown it. I got it and carried it to our dunes and put it there. Then I went on a quest for some type of pole. I looked in our dumpster (yeah, I'm not proud), I asked the guy renting umbrellas and chairs if he had an extra pole. I went to the condo office. I figured any kind of pipe would work. Nope. So, the umbrella top sits in the dune, still.

My sister Ilene and I drove the long way to Sam's to buy a new umbrella. Why didn't I think to call first? No umbrellas. Finally we went to the beach store around the corner and bought a $20 6' umbrella. We set it up and it cast a one person spot of shade. I went back and bought a $14 umbrella. Now we have shade. I can't do the beach without an umbrella. I look at people just sitting out and wonder how they stand it? I'm using lots of sunblock and I'm getting a good tan just by being out and in the water. It helps that I tan really easily.

Well, new plans. I offered to take my mom to Cracker Barrel for breakfast. I don't really want to go, but off we go.

Now we're back. Too bad I don't have more time. Beach is calling. Pics will have to wait. I've been more successful with putting pics up on FB.



KathyA said...

What happened with the umbrella -- you don't have to answer if you already posted -- I'm working my way backwards!

happyone said...

Glad to hear your enjoying yourself. Sounds nice sitting on the balcony early in the morning.
I'd love to walk along the beach by the water in the early morning. :-)

Neponset River Bridge Dig said...

I've got to have shade at the beach otherwise I can only stay there an hour.

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