20 June 2009

On the road with a song

I'm writing from the breakfast area of the motel. The trip here was endless . What should have taken 4 or so hours took 7. Much unexpected traffic on 95. Normally we take 301 to 95 but I thought, weekday, non-rush hour. I guess that's the best time to work on the roads. Lesson learned. Of course they could have been working on the other roads too. Then there's the endless bathroom stops for different passengers. The stop at Borders for coffee to go. The run into Walmart for the thingie that goes into the cassette tape player to make the iPod work. Burger King for lunch, etc... Each stop took way too long. But Emily sat up front with me and we sang our hearts out. The music was loud. Grandma tolerated it like a good sport. Occasionally she'd say, do you only have country? It was that or hip hop and that's a little racy for the car. We got here. The motel is nice. Emily and I ate dinner at DQ and went to a few stores while my mom crashed. I brought her our 1 chicken strip and fry leftovers and that's all she wanted. Emily set up the cot and half of it crashed to the floor with her sitting on it. I was worried that my laptop was crushed, she thought I should be worried that she was hurt. She was laughing too much to be hurt. It woke my mom up with a jolt. At midnight Emily was bouncing off the walls, saying she was at the peak of her energy after the energy drink she had in the car. Woo hoo. My mom woke up a million times in the night. She woke me up each time. I'll just say, coffee, take me away. If all goes well, it's only 3 more hours till we're at the beach. If I can ever wake up Emily.


Sarah said...

Too fun!! I'm taking a nap on your couch later. :)

fiwa said...

Ha-ha... this was cracking me up! I'm so glad you took your laptop along. :)

It'll get better when you're at the beach - just think of the goal!

Drive safely!

Lena said...

don't you just love "vacations?"

Seth M. Ward said...

I would have a no energy drink after 4 p.m. rule for Em from now on while traveling!:O lol I'm headed back to Indy for a week and if my tax return isn't in by next weekend, it's off to NYC for a week or two or three. Time will tell. Have fun!

Golden To Silver Val said...

Be safe...have loads of fun! Your own home and bed will seem priceless by the time you get through all this though....isn't that always the way. LOL

Billy said...

Teenagers can just go forever. I don't remember being like that when I was a teenager. Hope you have a wonderful time. I thought of you today and made a little mention on my blog. Have a great trip!

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