15 June 2009

Notes, then some

I've got random thoughts flying by and I'm writing them down. This and that. Later I'll write a post and you'll get to see flotsam and jetson. For now, I've got to get a start on my in-home day. Vacation looms and today is my only day off to get ready. Since there will be 4 of us in my car, including my mother's scooter, space is at a premium. Everyone gets one duffel bag. I get overwhelmed thinking about what needs to be done, thus the need for lists. So...all is well here and I'll be back later on today. Happy Monday!

Oh, just remembered my dreams. I still worked for my salon, but we were in a different building with a different set-up. Our stations were facing our mirrors on the walls (they're not that way) but my mirror was missing. When I went to find out where it was, it turns out that there was a big deal going on with Wella (we don't carry Wella) and because of some conflict in the contract we had with them, they were taking over our warehouse (the salon is in a warehouse, but we don't have a warehouse to go with it), and the warehouse was using my mirror. Another part of my dream involved my car. I drove it into a warehouse for service before the vacation. There was a gift area I was looking at while my car was being serviced and I was looking through a case when I saw you could open the bottom and I did and all the extra stuff (some kind of cheap jewelery) fell to the floor. I scooped it all up, along with all the dust balls on the floor, and put it back in the storage area and closed the little drawer. That's when the owners started walking over. Probably saw me on surveillance tape. I explained what happened and was very embarrassed when they checked out the merchandise and saw all the litter I put back along with the stuff. I guess I had left my duffel bag open on the floor of the warehouse and in the parking lot I opened it to look for my keys. A stream of roaches climbed out, then huge roaches the size of mice. Then something the size of a chinchilla and I knew it had swallowed my keys. I also thought it was intentional that they were there. Like the shop owners planted them to punish me. I had to hold the rodent down with my foot till it died. It was just awful doing that. It finally did die but then I had to find someone to cut it open and that part of the dream didn't get finished. The last thing I dreamt was that my GA sister's family came to visit us on vacation (3 extra people) and someone (my BIL?) asked if I saw the size of the rooms for the number of people staying over. I said yes, it's a three bedroom. That's normally the size you'd get for 5 people. And that folks, are the dreams of someone who normally remembers nothing. Whew. I'm so glad I got that out before it disappeared.

OK, as long as I'm still writing I'll include a few random thoughts. I got a polish change yesterday for my toes. I sat in a fantastic massaging chair. My back and shoulders have been really knotted up (occupational hazard) and I'd been in pain. I sat through 3 cycles of that chair's massage and my back is fixed! Definitely worth the price of a polish change.

I closed the door on my index fingernail leaving the house yesterday. The half moon is teal colored. Not black and blue. Not yet.

I've used the same mascara for years; Maybelline Great Lash. I started using Maybelline The Colossal Volum Express. My lashes have never looked so long and full. I'm talking such a noticeable difference that people comment on it.

I have to do a big cut-back on the AeroGarden before I leave. I love the smell of freshly cut tomato plants.

I spilled my glass of wine at book club. Luckily it was white wine. Later someone spilled their glass of red wine. On the carpet. It all came out!

I left my passenger window open less than an inch. When I got in my car there was bird poop running down the inside of the window, on the door handle and on the seat. Nuff said!

I'm limping. Now I can say it's my hamstring, not my knee. Still haven't taken the time to look up what a hamstring is and what it does. Still haven't iced it. I think it hurts from all the dancing I did at the salon party on Saturday. That was one fun party.

OK...off to work for me.


Lena said...

I had to go to PT for my hamstrings a few years back. It did the trick and I am fine with that now. So your knee is OK?

Seth M. Ward said...

lol wow and I thought the world was just out to get me:D Your dreams are so cracked out! Mine are to, so don't think you are the only one! And the story about the bird? I had that happen to me a few years ago. I had parked my truck in the hotel parking lot on a friday and came back out Sunday morning to pack the truck back up and get ready to go and the window had been left down. When I opened the door, the bird flew away and I was left with cleaning it up:~/ Hope it gets better!

Moohaa said...

I love your random comments. I may have to try that mascara. I've always used Maybelline .. just the basic stuff, but I'd love for something that will make the lashes pop.

Go easy on that leg, wouldja? And your finger.. ouch!!

Summer said...

I'm exhausted after reading that!

fiwa said...

I hope you have a wonderful time on vacation! I can't wait to see the pictures and hear the stories.

Yahoo had an intersting article about dreams today - and why we dream. Naturally I can't find it now to give you the link. :(

Thanks for the info about that mascara - I use the same kind, and I just passed the Colossal Volum Express in the store yesterday and wondered about it. I'll give it a shot next time I run out.

Love you!

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