07 September 2009

For Karen

Karen had a mystery tree and a fellow blogger identified it as a Mulberry. I know what this is but it's probably a mystery to most. Anyone want to guess?

Here's something bothering. A client sent me a e-mail yesterday thanking me for the Facebook friend invite I sent but told me she doesn't do Facebook. I wrote back, apologizing, but told her that I never sent an invite. Then I wondered if I was losing it, perhaps forgetting that I really did invite her. I was just on the phone with my sister Ilene and she told me she got my Facebook friend invite. The invite I didn't send. I'm not sure if I did something with my FB settings, but I know I didn't do anything with my address book. I don't like this invasion of privacy at all. Did anyone else get an invite? I guess I'll find out.

Emily's cell phone met an untimely (timely) demise last night when it fell into a soda. On the same day she was eligible for an upgrade. We immediately covered all parts with rice to see if that would absorb the extra moisture. I'm choosing to view it as a true accident because Emily seems sincere. If she's not and it's a guilty secret for her, she'll have to live with that. Our plan (her dad and I) was to wait till her Oct. 5 birthday and buy her the iPhone she's been coveting. Things changed so today had to be the day. I got to our local AT&T store early with a birthday card, ribbons and the money to buy the phone and accessories in the form of gift cards. Emily arrived with her father and we gave her the card. She went in and told our guy Tavin the story of her Blackjack II and that she was there to get the new 16 GB iPhone 3Gs. He told her he was sorry but they were out of stock and only had the 32 GB. I knew he was pulling her leg. Until I found out he wasn't. What the heck? We know this guy. What was he pulling? Trying to get us to spend $100 more for the bigger phone? We had to wait while a manager refunded the gift cards, then take two cars to the Apple store in the mall where we were able to purchase the right phone. Then to the AT&T store in the mall for the case and non-glare screen protector. What should have been simple took a few hours. That said, Emily is SO happy, and I'm happy for her. Tonight she took her old phone out of the rice it's been sitting in and it powered on, much to her surprise. The screen is messed up, but if we ever need a back-up, we'll have it.

That was our adventure for the day. Hope it was a good weekend for ya'll.


KathyA said...

I think you should contact FB. Sounds like someone has 'hacked you.' That's disconcerting.
I'll see you tomorrow!

happyone said...

I got an invite too from you for facebook!
I spent some time over at Debbi's this afternoon.

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Let me know if you figure out your Facebook mystery. I have been getting a lot of invites from people I do not know well. I wonder what that tree is.

Golden To Silver Val said...

wow, I just read about someone else having this problem with FB. I think it may have been Maria...do you read Maria? (just eat your cupcake). I've had it happen to me before through my nephew. It is an invasion of privacy I feel. They shouldn't take it upon themselves to do that. I'm happy for Emily...nothing lights up the world more than a happy teenager! lol

Jamie said...

Yea for new phones and happy daughters!

The demise of many a cell phone in my household was brought about by liquid, Mark must have put his in the washing machine about a dozen times, my kids ...hmm..from snow and rain water to a bucket of oil...


Happy Tuesday that feels like Monday!

Hugs, friend. :)

Forsythia said...

I bailed out of a Facebook after getting a spate of invites from people I never heard of. Facebook began to look like more trouble than it was worth.

KathyA said...

BTW -- That a Kousa dogwood.

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

beautiful picture of whatever that is (a kousa??) The facebook invite thing happened here too--a bunch of people in my address book got "invites" from me..i never sent them a friend request. So I changed my password and since then I haven't had a problem since!!

Darn hackers.

not nice attackers. :)

Anonymous said...

Japanese Dogwood aka Cornus kousa ... apparently the late summer fruit is edible!

Seth M. Ward said...

it's a hack for sure. You got to change your password if you haven't done so already. 6 or 7 numbers and a letter or two should do the trick. I've started doing that with any accts that I set up for anything now. No words or strings of numbers like 12345 ect. 569012621q is an example. The amount of numbers combined with one or two letters creates such an enormous string of combo's that it would make it hard to hack. Not impossible, but hard. Hard enough to hopefully make them move on to someone else. Be good to yourself.

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