09 September 2009


I sat out on the porch earlier, trying to hoard as many hummingbird sightings as possible since I know their days here in MD are numbered. One came to a feeder as soon as I walked outside, then it perched on a branch of the butterfly bush for at least 5 minutes. That was pretty amazing to me. I couldn't stay out long because the mosquitoes were mistaking me for their meal. It's getting dark so early. Fall is definitely on it's way. I guess I'm ready. Just not for what comes after. I questioned whether I should/could wear white capris today. The rule used to be no white after Labor Day. I remember the same rule about white shoes. I don't remember the last time I wore white shoes. Here I'll segue to another subject. I'm so not into shoes. I have three pairs of work sandals, Merrells, that I wear all the time. Two are the same but one black and the other khaki. The other pair is black. In the winter I only wear black clogs. I've been wearing the same clogs for years. Born brand. I think there's two dots over the 'o' in Born. When you stand on your feet all day you have to wear comfortable shoes. I used to wonder if my co-workers noticed I wore the same shoes all the time. Then I decided to call them my uniform shoes. I'm not much of a shopper. In the winter I wear long sleeve cotton knit tops in black. I wear polyester black slacks. I buy them at Marshall's. I wear my black smock and black clogs. My uniform. I'll buy new clothes at the beginning of the season, then never go into a store again. I have a little more variety in the summer. I wear black short sleeved tops with khaki capris and black or khaki sandals. I also wear black capris with colored tops. If I should happen to wear a patterned top, it's usually for a reason and co-workers ask. That's pretty bad, huh? I've never said I'm not predictable. I'm just not much of a dresser.

Did I mention I got my Canon back? It happened amazingly fast. I mailed my camera out on a Tuesday and got it back the following Tuesday. I 'tried out' a new camera while it was gone, a really nice Lumix with 10X optical zoom. I couldn't let back-to-school day pass without pics. If my Canon couldn't be fixed under the manufacturers warranty, I would have considered keeping it. OK, it was fun trying another camera out. Before I got my first digital camera I bought and returned about 5 different cameras till I found the one I loved. I was an educated consumer.

Here's my exciting schedule for tomorrow. Coffee in the morning. Yeah for days-off and coffee. Then I drive Emily and Kendall to school. Emily has to be there at 8:15 for team breakfast. At 8:30 I'll attend the PTO meeting. My plan is to be involved in the school and get to know other parents. I have a feeling the meeting could last for hours. How could that be? Emily has a home game at 4:00. It's supposed to be 65 degrees tomorrow with a 60% chance of rain. If the fields are wet there'll be no game. The athletic director won't let anything mess up the beautiful Bermuda grass field. So, the only thing that's for sure is the drive and the PTO. Tomorrow will unfold and something will happen. That works for me.

So, I've said a lot about not much. I've had the laptop on my lap for a while and it's hot. I watched Obama speak. I thought it was a fantastic speech and I'm very proud to have him as our president. Now I'm watching Glee. That's the exciting life of a single mom in suburbia. Ladeda.


Jules said...

LOL - You go on a blog rant! I love it.

I just want to say, your hummingbirds are on their way to my neighborhood for the winter. I suddenly have dozens in my yard! We'll take good care of them for ya.

I proudly wear white after Labor day. I rebel against fashion rules.


ellesu said...

I grew up with the "white" rule, and the "black patent" rule. And the seersucker rule. Ummmm....LOTS of rules down South. Glad life is good with you!

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Enjoyed reading about the hummingbirds and i saw Obama's speech on health care. Congrats on finally picking a President who talks the talk and so far walks the walk.

Jamie said...

Yes, lots of rules where clothes are concerned, and like you, I pretty much wear the same thing day after day even though there is NO uniform involved in my job. I hate the getting dressed thing every morning...and if I could wear my jeans and t-shirts every day I would be oh so much better at doing it.

Hope this day off is great for you.

Hugs;. :)

Rick Rockhill said...

I love hummingbirds, they fascinate me ever so~

TAG said...


You wear any color you want any time you want. If someone else has a problem with it, the problem is theirs and not yours.



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