16 September 2009


I just came from Emily's game and I'm sitting outside the general store at Sherwood Forest. I'm meeting Kit and two other high school friends. Our team lost badly. The girls are playing better with every game, but so far they haven't scored. I give them credit for keeping up their spirit.

So, I'm pretty wired here. Borders had a buy one get one drink free coupon. That means I had two of my favorite drinks. I couldn't help myself. I won't be sleeping well tonight, but it sure feels good right now (smile). Speaking of tomorrow, I'm going to an iPhone workshop at the Apple store. I just found out they have free classes. It will be interesting to see what I don't know. So far that's my only plan for the day. As always, it'll get filled up one way or another.

Over and out for now.


Moohaa said...

Drive careful, over caffeinated friend!! :) Too bad about Em's game, but they're growing as teammates! I'm sure a win is just around the corner.

Enjoy the day tomorrow!

KathyA said...

Oy! I bet you don't sleep tomorrow night, either!! :)
Melissa played on a team that didn't score -- and then they did! I'll never forget it -- I actually cried!!
My IPOD died. Looks like I'm going to the Apple store, too.
Surgery tomorrow. Been moved up to 11:00.

Lena said...

I love the idea of the IPhone workshop. Most people resist learning, but you just jump in! I admire that. Sorry about Em's game, but when they do score it will be sweet!

enjoy your evening.

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

ooh, now that's a fantastic idea about the workshop! I'm glad Apple is on the ball with these things!

Happy days ahead!


Seth M. Ward said...

You suck:~/

lol I want an iPhone.....but alas....Boost doesn't have it.

Suck is life.

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

Hey...hope you guys aren't impacted by that water main break out there! let me know you're okay when you can, pls. :) E~

Andrew said...

A shout out to one of my favorite bloggers and blogs! You must be busy. I don't want harangue you, but you are missed. Just posting a smiley face and an okay would make me a happy blog buddy! Take care good friend and I don't mean to cajole you into writing. You are just well loved.

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