21 September 2009

I'm still here

How can it be Monday again? I didn't realize how many days had gone by since I last posted till a good friend pointed it out. Time flies. It's a fact.

Saturday found some of us relatives together at my Cousin Danny and Michele's house for Rosh Hashannah. Seventeen if I'm counting right. A lot of family were missing, but being with the ones that were there was wonderful. We're a close family, but only see each other three times a year, for the Jewish holidays and Thanksgiving. This year my niece Sarah drove up from GA for the long weekend and got to spend time with her MD relatives that she rarely sees.

Yesterday Sarah and I drove Emily to work, then went to Annapolis. I drove her through Sherwood Forest so she could see it in person and not just on my blog. I think she'd agree it was an enchanting place. She loved the Robin Hood theme of the road names, and the quaintness of the General Store, to say nothing of the beauty of the river.

We went to Sears and she helped me pick out new progressive lens glasses and sunglasses. What a big decision! Together they were more than $500. It was fun doing the picking out, and the optometrist was so helpful. She loved me. I don't know, maybe I was more animated about the whole process than most people. Getting new glasses is a very big deal to me and they have to be just right. It makes such an impression on your looks.

It was another picture-perfect day yesterday and we ate outside at Gordon Biersch. I had a Kobe beef burger with caramelized onions and swiss on a pretzel bun with garlic fries. It was worth every single calorie! Sarah had Mahi Mahi fish tacos and said I should have them next time I go there and I will. We walked around Annapolis Town Center. Spent a lot of time at Anthropologie. Sur la Table. Whole Foods. Etc. We went to Trader Joe's. We came back to my house and I gave Sarah an 'Aunt Cheryl' haircut. It was a very full day.

I should be getting ready right now for today, and I will in a minute. I'll be driving Emily and Kendall to school, then driving over to my parent's. I'll pick up Sarah and we'll drive to the closet Metro station, then take the train to the Smithsonian station. We'll be going to the National Holocaust Museum. I've never been, and it's been a long time since she's been there. We'll spend as much time as we want there. I'll bring tissues.

Promise I won't be away so long next time. I'll leave you with a picture of two curly-hair cousins.


Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

What fresh and pretty faces!

I hope you'll post a photo of the new specs when they come.

happyone said...

Sounds like a full fun day.

KathyA said...

Your niece so looks like your family!!

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

They could pass as sisters! They have the same look! Have a really nice time today with your niece---what a great way to build up some wonderful memories!


Brad said...

Ok, Ms. iphone...why no pics of the specs you picked out? - Glad your having fun, it's nice to get a chance to spend time with out of town family - Sur La table! another Seattle store that got it's start in the Pike Place Market - just about the same time Starbucks started there in the 70's, in fact it's just around the corner from the first Starbucks - it's cool to see another seattle company go national.

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