29 September 2009

Just a quick one

Yesterday was a great day off. It was nice doing this and that around the yard while listening to my music. I even washed some of my siding. If someone had been watching they would have been amused. Picture me on a rickety step stool on a steep hill using a long-handled dust mop wet with Windex window washer hooked up to my hose. I did what I could.

I went to my Aunt and Uncle's for Yom Kipper. There were 17 of us and everyone was happy to be together. Emily had stuff to do for school and she spent the time with a few girls getting ready for Spirit Week. They bought matching yellow dresses and yellow socks to wear to school today. We blew up a zillion yellow balloons last night. Should be a fun week. This will culminate with 'Creekfest' on Saturday, an all-day event that's open to the public. All the teams from the middle and upper school will have games. There will be all sorts of craft booths, food, rides, etc. I took the day off and will volunteer. Saturday night is Homecoming. It'll be a fun day and night.

Here's a pic of Emily demonstrating my new 'palm peeler'. Her young hands make a much better picture than mine. This thing works great! I'll never use a regular vegetable peeler again.

Time to get ready for my short work day. Emily has a home game today, so I'll be working a few hours. Time to go!


happyone said...

I've never even seen a palm peeler before!! I still use the same peeler I had when I first got married.
Have fun at the game.

Lena said...

Where did you get the palm peeler? I never saw one before either!

Emily's school has so many great activities!

KathyA said...

And the food for Yom Kippur was????

Jamie said...

It sounds like you are very busy with Em's school, that is so wonderful!

I have seen those palm peeler thingys and didn't know about them, now I will have to get one.

Happy Hump day buddy! :)

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