28 January 2010

Blue skies, smiling on me

I woke up with a heavy heart. Hey, I can't be happy all the time. I drove carpool to school and tried to concentrate on my blessings, but just couldn't do it. I knew my mood would change, eventually. I'm very fortunate in that nothing keeps me down for long. The sky was very cloudy, but in a majestic way. I was happy to have it hold my attention. Here and there on the horizon, you could see a little blue. I decided to drive to Sherwood Forest and hang out on the dock for a little while and maybe take some pictures. It was so cold, but so beautiful. Here's a panoramic view from where I stood.

How could the beauty of this day not lift a person's heart?

I like this picture too.

And then, there's this cause you know how I like taking pictures of my feet.

Heavy heart? Gone. Sunny skies again.


Sweet Virginia Breeze said...

Great pictures. That looks like a very peaceful place to take a break. Hope your skies stay sunny.

Golden To Silver Val said...

Just something about blue skies and sunshine...it does a body good! I'm glad you enjoyed your day and you can tell that you did just from the pictures.

happyone said...

I can see why the pictures brightened your mood. That's what my walks do for me. :-)
You also could have come over here, I would have cheered you up too. :-)

KathyA said...

I like ALL the photos! The skies were amazing -- and I'm glad your favorite spot lifted your spirits.

Leann said...

I absolutely love looking at the sky. So many people miss it. I love the way the clouds look like waves in those photos.

It is pleasing to hear your heavy heart is gone and good fortune has returned :-)

Blessings my friend.

Jamie said...

I love how you take charge and change the bad days to good. I am getting better at it.

Happy Friday, Honey. Hugs. :)

kristi said...

Beautiful! I could spend hours there.

Lena said...

They say we have a choice to be happy or sad and you just proved that by making the choice to find happiness in your day. Loved the photos, just beautiful!

Glad you could turn the day around for yourself. What a role model you are!

Mary said...

A special place to "find yourself" is a true blessing. It's good to know your heart lifted. That sky surely held promise. Take care.

SOUL said...

i have been tryin to over here since the night you posted it. i noticed the 'title' on my sidebar, but that's about when things got 'busy' here. so i hadn't made it over.

i am happy to hear that you you didn't stay down for long. i do know that's not an easy task sometimes.

i love the pix-- i am not familiar with where you live-- so i have no clue what 'water' that is-- but it's beautiful ! surely you know my first thought when i saw it?
fresh-- or salt?

oh how i wish i was there to fish off that dock-- or even fish the shore line from the boat.

it's awesome.

and once in love with water-- always in love with water-- ya don't have to fish to find you peace there. my dad wasn't a fisherman, but he was a sailboat man-- sailed himself from mass, to florida once-- among many journeys. i just remember him talking about that one the most. after he retired.

anyways-- i hope you are feeling more chipper today-- and that you have a really happy day-- whatever you find yourself doing--

but i also wanted to let ya know something--
when i did see the title for this post the other night?
hubby was in the kitchen cookin dinner--- and i started to sing the only two lines i know of this song. :))
(mind you-- this ole gal, hasn't been singin much at all lately. IF at all.)
he peeks over the bar-- and says--
"are you singing?"
"grinning, i said-- yes, is it bad?"
"he said no , i like it."
ten minutes later-- i'm still-- off and on-- singin---
blue skies- shinin on me- nuthin but blue skies do i see" (the only part i know of the song-- repeatedly)
whadday think i heard from the kitchen soon after?
stez-- singin in the kitchen-- the same two lines -- neither of us know the song.

the kid looked at us like we were crazed.

but it made us laugh.

anyhow-- i just wanted you to know-- you brought some much needed laughter into the brezz household for an evening.
and i appreciate that.

big hugs and better days to you my friend

Rick Rockhill said...

great photos Cheryl. I can see how those skies could make you pensive. I too, like to find solace in nature

Moohaa said...

I love that about you! We should all find something we know will make us happy for those days when its hard to smile.

Beautiful pics.. I would be happy too!

Moohaa said...

You inspired me... I just posted about something that makes me happy. :)

Hoping every day makes you smile.

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

Beautiful photos. I'm so glad they lifted your spirits. Reading this post lifted mine.

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