07 January 2010

This, that, and Freida

I think I've mentioned a time or two that coffee is a drug to me. Thank goodness it's legal. Because of it's effect on me, I only have real coffee on my days off. Coffee makes me very happy. Very. So much so that when I think of a day off, I think of coffee. When I think of vacation, I think of a lot of coffee. So to all of you that get to drink real coffee every day, I envy you. For me it's decaf with some happy days thrown in. Fortunately for me, I'm both a morning person and full of energy so I don't need coffee to get me going. I was certainly going this morning after my large extra shot latte at Borders. I spent about two hours there with my laptop. I had to tear myself away to spend time with my mom. We went to Paneras for lunch, then browsed the aisles of Walmart. My mom loves going there, and it can be fun to just roam. There's always something to to buy; I got a new case for my iPhone. I brought my mom back home, then ventured out to Marshall's and bought a Pea coat. I've wanted one for a while, and now I have one. I brought the coat to my car and thought to myself, now what? Nothing to go home to. Time on my hands. Laptop in car. So, I'm hanging out at Caribou Coffee next to the fireplace. It's really nice here...it looks like a lodge in Yellowstone. I'm sneaking peeks at the people around me. There's a very glum, very depressed-looking woman sitting in a lounge chair staring into space. I wonder what her life is like? There's a young guy in jeans and black Converse's texting on his Blackberry. There's three high school girls at a table giggling, texting on their iTouch's, and attempting to do homework. There's a middle-aged couple that look like they're dating. And then there's me, with my decaf. The fireplace is blocking my view of the other half of the coffee shop. I mentioned I like places like this, right?

Someone posted something on Facebook today about the Peanuts Gang. It brought up a memory of the curly-haired girl. I always related to her, being a curly-haired girl myself. I did some searching and found this on Wikipedia.

"Her most prominent feature is her "naturally curly hair," which she manages to work into every conversation, to the dismay of those around her. This self-love about her hair leads people to believe that she is rather vain. In turn, Frieda herself believes that the other girls are jealous of her hair (and is often depicted as disappointed or depressed when the other girls tell her that they're not jealous of her hair), and also that "people expect more of her" because she has it." "Today she is best remembered as the Peanuts character with naturally curly hair, of which she is extremely proud." Notice that she's not wearing a baseball cap? Freida never wore one because it would mess up her curls. I never wear one either.

Back when I was reading Peanuts, I hated my curly hair. I certainly wasn't proud. I always thought to myself, "what did I do to deserve naturally curly hair?" Since I embraced it in my early 20's, I've known it to be a blessing. I'm curly and I'm proud.


ellesu said...

Hi! So glad you're doing well (and a new guy!). Love it! I'm glad your holidays were good. Your "i'm curly and i'm proud" comment made me laugh. I have frizzy hair - thin and frizzy. We spent the holidays in the mountains and my hair went in to shock. It laid down and died. I had to run a hot shower and steam up the bathroom to be able to do anything with it.

Leann said...

We always want what we don't have. Curls, freckles, blue eyes, blonde hair.....you get the picture :-)

Lena said...

I love your curly hair.

In high school I would iron my hair because I wanted straight hair. It felt weird ironed, but it was straight. When I didn't iron it, it had a lot of body to it. I didn't iron for too long.

Now I have short hair and I enjoy the body it has.

KathyA said...

I love your curly hair and my daughters', too! Isn't people watching fun?

beachgirl said...

People watching is fun. I do it alot at the biker bars I go to on Sundays to listen to live music. Bikers are so varied, you never know what people are like until you get to know them. Or not.
I wish we had a Caribou coffee place here. It sounds lovely.

SOUL said...

just came by to say howdy--
hope you're warm today-- the entire country seems to freezing
global warming my a@@
happy weekend-

Lauralew said...

I'm curly also--but it took until I was 40 or so to actually wear it that way. During the many years I spent in the military, I was told over and over that curly hair was "unprofessional."

A problem I have is that it is awful to find someone who can cut curly hair. I'd get styles that were amazing if I used straightening product and a flat iron--but if I didn't, they looks frizzy and scraggly. I got a new hairstyle last week that looks awesome both straight and curly. But I'm moving in six weeks--so the search will begin again!

If I lived close to you, I'd certainly be one of your clients!

Jules said...

Warm wishes from Arizona. I know it's bitterly cold in all of the East. Bet ya wish you were here!

I have never had coffee in my sheltered life. What am I missing?

Andrew said...

This was such a good post by you. So enjoyable to read. I used to drink cup after cup of coffee every morning. I would sweeten it with sugar and add a dollop of milk. Maxwell House was the brand. When I went on my weight loss kick, I quit drinking it. I would have to drink decaf now though. Caffeined is just not tolerated well by my body.

Susan said...

I sure do love my coffee too! Although I have to admit that as I've gotten older, I've noticed that the caffine is starting to affect me...and the acid bothers me too.

I love your curls and am glad that you finally do to.

beachgirl said...

I think we found our guys around the same time. What a nice gift for sure. I wasn't looking. I hope yours is as sweet as mine. Have fun and enjoy the ride. I think it's time we have some TLC.

Enjoy your weekend. We are freezing down here.

Ruth Hull Chatlien said...

I love this post. Now I will always think of you when I see Frieda in "A Charlie Brown Christmas."

And you'll love this, when I was a little girl, the name of the hairdresser my mom and I went to was Frieda Jane.

Anonymous said...

love your blog...if you love coffee as much as i do...try the keurig coffee maker..the best and so much good coffee to make in your house...

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