03 January 2010


It's a killer cold morning. Cold as can be. Windy. The wind chimes have been singing since yesterday. I wish I had a working fireplace. Mine only makes smoke and I haven't lit it in years. If you were only looking for looks, it looks good. Maybe I could place the space heater in it and pretend?

My work week is done. The whole week had a different feel to it. The bosses are vacationing at their condo at Wisp Ski Resort in Deep Creek Lake. A bunch of the staff took the week between Christmas and New Year's off, including Saturday. In a way I was jealous, but then again, my income is entirely commission, so I need to work. I have scheduled some time off. I'm going to meet my GA sister in Raleigh in February to visit my oldest nephew and his family. I'm going to an advanced hair cutting class in VA in March. I'm also going to Wisp the last weekend in March. I'll work extra days and longer hours to accommodate my clients. I'm not one to miss work, except for my summer vacations. I'm all about summer vacations.

I cut Rob's hair on Friday. I think he was a little nervous. Cute, huh?

I cut Emily's hair last night. She's only been asking for a few months.

Rob and I went to my parent's house on Friday. My mom said all kinds of embarrassing things that I won't repeat. She gave Rob all kinds of advice. Embarrassing advice along with a list of all my so called virtues. The three of us went to Olive Garden for an early dinner. It was really nice. Rob sent me text messages from across the table. Very sweet and romantic ones. He got a chance to talk to my father when we got back to the house. My brother was also at the house setting up the new travel trailer that he's parking in my parent's driveway. I'm ready to go camping. Actually, I love to camp but haven't done it in years and years. That's one thing I'm looking forward to doing in the spring. I have all the equipment, but I never thought it was a safe thing to do with just Emily and me.

So, it's Sunday morning and I'm the only one up. Emily is asleep upstairs and Rob is sleeping on the couch in the family room. It's nice and peaceful despite the sound of 50 mile an hour wind gusts. It's probably a perfect day to stay inside and start putting away my Christmas house. Then again....

I hope its a great weekend where you are. Stay warm. Happy day!


Jules said...

Cheryl, not only has your blog taken on new life, but you seem to have to! You look radiant and sound completely content.

Let it be Christmas a little longer. Why not?

Lena said...

I love your new template, too! And your new picture on the sidebar is so cute!!

Going to be windy and bitter cold here today as well.

Sounds like an interesting visit at your parents' house, and romantic texts are so sweet.

Take care and have a great day.

Golden To Silver Val said...

Nothing like bad weather to make you appreciate your home. Its 4 degrees outside now and they have warnings up that the wind chill will be 15 below zero today. My heart just goes out to all the homeless....people as well as animals. Enjoy your day....tomorrow its back to the old routine (at least for me it is). If you'd like a good movie to watch today....try UP...its the best movie I've seen in a while. Stay warm!

SOUL said...

you really DO sound great! so good to 'hear'.
i'm happy for you. sounds like things may be gettin a bit serious out there--- maybe em can find a place to hang out for the day-- and the space heater in the fire place won't be such a bad idea after-all???

bwa hahahahaha

happy sunday girlie-

Rick Rockhill said...

I concur with Jules- I had a similar observation/thought about you! Things seem to be going well for you! Nice job with the hair cuts, but then again, you know that already :-)

Have a great Sunday Cheryl

KathyA said...

Wow! Love the new header! And the new you, too!

kristi said...

I took Sara for a haircut this weekend. Her hair was sooooooooooo long. Our lady cut about 2 1/2 inches off. Sara really likes it!

Unknown said...

Very Good Post.

Anonymous said...

You said that your bosses are vacationing in Wisp Ski Resort. So, I advise you to visit Colorado ski resorts in order to bust your stress.

CRUSTY MOM-E said...

I LOVE how happy you are..and I'm soo happy for you and your new path--it's a good one (even if the parents still manage to make you blush) :)

OMDS said...

Great story. Looking forward to see more inspiring stories.

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