04 January 2010

Coffee, iPhone, Me

Could it really be Monday when it feels so much like a Sunday? It's been a stay at home day. A day of lazing around till about noon, doing a whole lot of not much. Somehow I got motivated and accomplished very much by putting almost every part of Christmas away. The lights are still outside, but it's much too cold to even think about removing them, and unplugged lights don't really matter. All I have left to do is take down the staircase stuff and the jingle bells from my window treatments. My goal was to put away the tree, so I exceeded my expectations. The house looks plain, again. I like an uncluttered look, so it's not a complaint. I wish I could finish out the night here at home, but Emily has an 8:00 indoor field hockey game. I'm glad she's playing so I'm more than willing to go out. In the freezing cold. I mentioned that, right?

I went to the movies yesterday to see the third in my quest for five. I had all intentions of seeing Brothers but made an unexpected last minute decision to see Invictus. What an inspiring movie! The title is taken from the poem 'Invictus' by William Ernest Henley. Nelson Mandela memorized the poem and drew inspiration from it during his long incarceration as a prisoner of his country and then as it's president. The last lines of the poem are as follows: "I am the master of my fate: I am the captain of my soul." Those words kept his spirit alive. I need to learn more about Nelson Mandela.

I walked around the mall afterward. Arundel Mills has a new LEGO concept store. It was packed. I loved the window display made out of, what else? Legos.

I came home and made a very fattening and delicious dinner. NY strip steaks pan-fried in butter and olive oil. Mashed potatoes with lots of butter, cream cheese and cream. Green beans and broccoli, both with butter. Ben and Jerry's for dessert. I can't wait to get back to my routine tomorrow.

There's still a pile of snow on my deck that once was my snowman. I've put all the pictures in a file and will post them when what's left of him is gone, gone, gone. It's been a fun journey, starting with a very tall pile of snow that is now a little one. Because it's so cold it might stay this way for a while.

I noticed something in my blog layout that I didn't see till yesterday. There's an iPhone right behind the flat-tipped paint brush. How perfect is that? Coffee, iPhone, me.


Lynx217 said...

hahaha that IS you perfectly! Our lil techie chick.
hope you stay warm this winter - it looks like it's sticking around this time!

KathyA said...

"I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul". Inspiring!
We need to talk about updating my blog!! Love yours; it's so you!!!

Leann said...

I love the new layout! Can't wait to see the snowman pics and love the leggo ones. They had some on the news the other day and it is amazing to me what can be built with them. Hope you have a wonderful 2010. It's only just begun!

Jamie said...

Yep, that is all YOU. I love the way you sound these days....it's your turn. :)

It's awful cold here, too. Below zero all week, I just want to hide.

Have a happy. Big hugs.

happyone said...

I haven't seen the lego store yet.
One time at the train show there was a whole train layout all made of legos. It was super cool.

Rick Rockhill said...

love those Lego thingys-how fun! I want to see Invictus, its on my list. The PS film fest starts today to I'll be busy with that for a bit

Lone Grey Squirrel said...

Very nice layout! I don't know much about Invictus but its got rugby in it and so i am very keen to watch it.

Seth M. Ward said...

Love the blog redesign. :D The sides make me think of a pier on the Potomac! I want some blue crabs now! lol

Susan said...

I had noticed that iphone right away (I swear it's not envy!) Have I mentioned how much I love your new design?

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