06 January 2010

Ta Da about something

It was a wonderful day in the neighborhood, meaning, it was a good day. I had a new client today. Lately I've been getting a few a week, which is great and necessary in my business. My job requires a lot of talking. It's up close and personal. You never know what kind of connection you're going to make with a new client. Will you have things in common to talk about? Will you hit it off or will you feel awkward? Fortunately, most of my clients, new and old, are great. I guess after all these years I'm a pretty good talker. I can make most people feel comfortable. Very few make me feel uncomfortable, but that happens from time to time. I deal with it. Today's new client was instantly likable and she loved her hair. The most exciting part of my day was the makeover I did on Karen/Happyone. When I first met her she had very dark brown hair. At some point she decided she was ready to grow the color out and go natural, which turned out to be a beautiful silver. It took a long, long time to grow that color out. I know I couldn't have endured the process, and I never plan to. No gray hair for me! Karen told me she was thinking about coloring her hair again. The silver made her feel old, and she wasn't ready for that. I loved her silver hair. It was bright and beautiful. I love the new color and I do think it makes her look younger. I can't wait to hear what Ken thought when he came home to this surprise. He knew she was thinking about coloring her hair, but didn't know it would be today.

Karen was my last client and I suggested we go to my favorite Asian restaurant, Pei Wei, for dinner. It's owned by P.F.Chang's. What a nice way to end a Wednesday workday.

I came home at 6:30, washed my face and put on pajamas. I've been sitting on the couch relaxing like a couch potato since then. Luxury. I've watched a few DVR'd shows and eaten popcorn. I don't remember the last time I just chilled and it's been great.

I'll spend at least part of tomorrow with my mom. It's time to get back to my old routines. As with all my days off, I wonder what will unfold. I like surprises.


JOY said...

Nice blog ,I am up late will most likely be sorry in the morn but oh well. I love the way you just flow.  

Golden To Silver Val said...

Oh MY....how lovely. Karen's silver hair is just gorgeous but unfortunately it does make her look older....the new color is soft and flattering. You did GOOD, Cheryl. And Karen, you look SMASHING!

C.A. said...

WOW! What a change! I love it!

Forsythia said...

I like the new color too. Unfortunately, I am stuck with looking "old." My hair won't take the processing, and now, with my walker, I look truly ancient. The walker will soon go away; the silver hair won't. Grumble grumble.

KathyA said...

You did a wonderful job!!! Karen looks great.
If you want some excitement or a chance to use your organizational skills come on over to my house!

kristi said...

Nice job!! I did a lot of chillaxin' after Christmas. I had 5 days off last week (with the weekend).

Lena said...

OK, as a woman who has silver hair, I always am disappointed when someone who has gone silver colors their hair. YET, I completely understand, because I am tempted to color my hair at times.

When I dream about myself, my hair is always dark like my original color. I wake up and realize how much I miss it. But I don't miss the time spent coloring my hair.

And with all of that said, I think Happyone looks great in both photos and it is great we can have a choice to color or not to color!

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