14 January 2010

And so it goes

Don't you hate it when you're hungry and full at the same time? I want Starbucks Caramel Macchiato ice cream. How can 1/2 cup of ice cream have 240 calories and 13 grams of fat? I won't buy it. Remember my post "Why Tight Pants Are a Good Thing"? All my pants are way too loose and they'll only stay that way if I stay away from ice cream and jelly beans and all those other foods I love. Fortunately Lean Cuisine is on sale everywhere and I haven't tired of eating Sesame Chicken every day. It's great being at my skinny weight but hard work.

Speaking of hard work...Work has been busy. I thrive at very busy. Time flies when it's very busy. I'm so thankful I'm busy.

Today was a great day off. I drove the kids to school. Em made a playlist for the car and it's heavy on Nirvana. I'm not digging that, but they are. I stopped at Safeway to pick up a latte and wound up getting the H1N1 vaccine while I was there. I got my mom and we headed to Annapolis. She read in the car while I ran into Sam's Club. We had lunch at The Cheesecake Factory. I didn't have Sesame Chicken. I didn't have cheesecake either. I had a few things to return at the mall, and mom kept up with me on her scooter. I shopped at the Apple store and found the perfect new case for my iPhone. It kinda made my day 'cause I'm easy to please like that. Unfortunately in looking for a picture to post here I found that I could have gotten two cases for the price I paid for one. I'm not gonna stress about it--I got what I wanted without having to wait.

The sign outside the Sony store caught my eye: Come in and view TV in 3D. I've read that 3D will be then next new thing in television so I was excited to see it. I put the 3D glasses on and what I saw was beyond cool. First I flew along with a rocket on PlayStation. Then I watched polar bears diving into the Arctic Sea. You could almost feel the splash of water. It was all in true 3D. The TV was a prototype and not for sale. The salesman told me ESPN is filming in 3D and hopes to broadcast the World Cup in that format. Wow. If you get the opportunity to view a 3D TV you won't, as I've heard people lament, mind wearing the glasses. I can't wait till they're mainstream.

I brought my mom home just as my brother and SIL Cindy came over so we got to visit for a bit. I drove to Caribou Coffee to do some blogging and ran into my nephew, who, as it turns out, hangs there almost every day. He's the cool Mac. I'm the one with the dinosaur PC.

My nephew, Ryan Freakin Deal, has a few awesome websites. No, his middle name isn't the one on his birth certificate, but it's the name he goes by. I like it. I'm gonna steer you to one of his websites in my next post. This one is way too long already, so.... The end. Again.


Jamie said...

No wonder your pants are too big, you run all day long! If my body would cooperate, I would be just like that. I used to be...damn.

Anyway, I like your nephew's middle name...even if it isn't his "given" one.

It's Friday! I hope you keep busy all day today, and put on your ipod and avoid the Nirvana today.

Hugs. :)

Lauralew said...

It _is_ hard work staying skinny! I lost 30 lbs two years ago and kept it off until 1) my doctor put me on progesterone, from which I gained 7 lbs in 9 days (gasp), and 2) my mom died and I used food to comfort me. Suddenly I'd gained back half of the weight I lost :(.

I had planned to go back to WW after the holidays but since we are moving soon, nah. But with all of the running around and frankly hard physical work involved in getting the house ready to sell, I've noticed I've dropped a few lbs. Nice side effect.

Like your nephew's name! Fun!

happyone said...

I'd love to have a 3D television and I wouldn't mind wearing the glasses to see it. I thought Avatar was awesome in 3D!!

Leann said...

It would be interesting to watch tv in 3D all the time. I wonder if you could ever go back to regular tv?

You do enjoy being busy and that's great. I'll have to check out the Lean Cuisine. Losing weight is on my agenda......again.

KathyA said...

Single handedly, you have boosted the economy of coffee houses everywhere!! :)

Diane Vogel Ferri said...

Congrats on the good weight - that's a tough one! I'm glad things are well with you Cheryl.

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