26 January 2010


I spent most of yesterday inside. It was rainy. It was cloudy. It was sunny. It was rainy. It was warm, then cool. I knew all this, but had no idea what the sky looked like. Had I known, I would have been outside. I went outside to bring the trash down before driving to field hockey at 5:30. The whole ride there I was trying to get Emily to be as enthusiastic as me about the sky, but she wasn't much interested. Oh well. It was a great indoor day, but what I saw outside was just majestic.

I had a big break at work today, and I've spent it at Borders with my laptop and a decaf latte. As always, a happy way to pass a few hours. Work calls, so it's time to put my smock back on and get back to hairdresser mode. Later!


Golden To Silver Val said...

Have a great evening....sounds like good "chili" weather, doesn't it?

Leann said...

I love looking at the sky. You never know what you're going to find. It always amazes me how it changes. It was sunny here, then rainy, then cloudy, then sunny again, then more clouds, some rain, etc. You get the picture.

Jamie said...

Gorgeous photo! Kids are never in the same place we are, are they?


happyone said...

I did notice the sky yesterday. You captured a great shot of it.
It snowed over my way too for a little while.

SOUL said...

i love that word - majestic.
i don't think i have ever used it in conversation tho.
nice pix.
sounds like a peaceful day-- Lord knows we could all use one of those now and then eh?

hope you find another very soon-

KathyA said...

The sky WAS interesting yesterday, wasn't it? I get real excited about stuff like that, too!

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